Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
783872 Don't pass ints to NS_FAILED
776705 convert mailnews/base/prefs/content/accountUtils.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
792579 Remove NS_TIME_FUNCTION from in comm-central
531716 crash [@ nsAbMDBCard::Equals(nsIAbCard*, int*)]
783110 be smarter about when to reset the search box after a New/Edit filter operation in the filter list e…
595723 If Thunderbird is the default client for e-mail, newsgroups and feeds, the dialog only shows that Th…
789263 Update Thunderbird's copy of about:support
787984 Add tests for imContentSink.jsm
787729 Folder name with % makes feeds unhappy
804142 Upgrade clang used by thunderbird
796805 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_iteratorUtils.js | TypeError: childArray is null
788259 Plugin check pref set to instead of causing a useless redirect and making it…
814630 Thunderbird 17.0 closes all windows if multiple are opened
793639 Remove unnecessary prtypes.h includes from comm-central
749096 use proper accessor functions for getting list rows instead of open-coding them in mail/base/content…
792105 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-content-tab.js | test-content-tab.js::test_content_tab…
793643 Upgrade clang to r161152
788270 Fix TLS detection with clang on OpenBSD (port bug 778414)
793394 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 777292 (error: cannot convert from 'int' to 'nsresult')
813622 Permanent orange: various oranges related to plugins
781367 Clean up some old Mac code in comm-central
717881 The default tab icon used on Mac doesn't exist
794170 Silence "equality comparison with extraneous parentheses [-Wparentheses-equality]" in nsMsgFolderDat…
785980 Remove unused SetUpToolbarButtons function
795712 Silence [-Wunused-private-field] warnings in mailnews/
794946 Add mozmill tests for the chat toolbar and the central placeholder of the instant messaging UI
795971 JavaScript strict warning: logger.js, line 453: assignment to undeclared variable entry
794186 remove remaining PRInt32/PRUint32 usages in comm-central
763106 convert /mail/components/preferences/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
642639 errUtils.js' logException should dump exceptions via Components.utils.reportError too for fancy mozm…
784037 missing whitespace between icon and label in chat
797524 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 795065 (error: no matching function for call to ‘nsITransfer::…
783289 Fix return code issues revealed by nsresult changes in comm-central
795736 Silence some [-Wunused-variable] warnings in mailnews/
787547 profie-change-teardown should be profile-change-teardown in mailShutdown
795997 Silence remaining[-Wunused-variable] / [-Wunused-private-field] warnings in mailnews/
679696 Identity picker on compose window is hard to use when you have a lot of identities
561762 Add additional error information to "This filter cannot be saved"
466276 .caf files grayed out (not selectable) in Preferences > General > Use the following sound file > Bro…
785514 Use also inverted icons for AB and Compozer with dark Personas
349547 Should not be able to open the same draft multiple times
798828 fix "warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion [-Woverflow]" in mailnews/local/src/nsParseM…
806254 Add back Growl support for TB / SM Aurora
551827 Option to delete manually marked Junk is in wrong place
789827 Fix nullptr abuse in comm-central
742524 Expose mail.compose.big_attachments.insertNotification in the preferences dialog
764266 Remove WINCE support on c-c
797823 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 794884 (error: 'SupportImageWithMimeType' is not a member of '…
792965 Add icons to compose autocomplete list
524424 Royale Theme icons are misaligned
798345 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_private_resume.js | TypeError: pb is null
49474 Filter editor UI: Enter key after entering criteria closes dialog.
790671 Port |Bug 781138 - Empty .mkdir.done files are bundled with packages| to comm-central
738194 Composition: Add keyboard shortcuts for Zoom (Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, Ctrl+0: ux-consistency with message re…
792979 Attachment reminder is broken due to removal of nsIEditorObserver
760983 [10.8] background.png needs to be resized for Mountain Lion
739311 Clicking "x more" button shrinks(!) message header height, so that *less* or even *no* recipients ar…
738719 Run mozmill tests with an IM account in the default profile
791457 MailNews calls synchronous nsIProtocolProxyService::Resolve which doesn't exist any more since Bug 7…
748965 convert mail/base/content/FilterListDialog.js and SearchDialog.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.j…
794988 Enable profiling on Daily builds
807592 Frequent red on builders: error RC2135 : file not found: address-book.ico
545194 Account Settings-->Server username and buttons "Advanced" and "Browse" are cut off
789678 Fix line endings in
314806 No function to set default identity
812130 Increase the account provisioner timeout to greater than the server timeout
792505 Fix broken string in aboutSupport
543419 Message Filters list not updated when already open
801644 Incorrect return result check in nsSmtpProtocol::ProcessProtocolState
794558 Remove 2 unused vars in mailnews/base/src
537026 crash [@ @0x0 | nsMsgFilterService::OpenFilterList(nsILocalFile*, nsIMsgFolder*, nsIMsgWindow*, nsIM…
684485 crash in nsAbCardProperty::SetPropertyAsAString before trying to use nsDependentCString
779976 Set priority with XMPP
799434 Earlybird builds shouldn't have profiling enabled
788429 Add ability to open global Addressing preferences from account manager
795097 the News "Download headers" dialog should use a numeric field for the number of headers to download.
776925 Quick Filter Status in View Menu desyncs when the Quick Filter toolbar button is removed
526047 crash getting mail @ nsAddrDatabase::GetRowForCharColumn - nsSpamSettings::CheckWhiteList [@ nsAddr…
775394 Use instead of Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIIOService) in xp…
792804 Test failure: mailnews/news/test/unit/test_bug540288.js | [Exception... "Component returned failure …
787433 IRC component should return a proper CTCP VERSION response.
806124 Services undefined (but used) in connection.js
793838 Feed body AppMenu items are not working anymore
577775 Invalid account directory path to folders should raise an error dialog/verify setting, not just log …
725488 in Junk Settings, disable junk target folder pickers based on the radio selector (Junk on/Other), si…
789745 Cannot connect to XMPP servers that don't support SASL authentication
716278 "warning: invoking macro NS_ENSURE_TRUE argument 2: empty macro arguments are undefined in ISO C90 a…
814589 Thunderbird's Menu button has vertical lines on it that seem out-of-place