Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version. Bugs fixed in Firefox can be found here.

Bug ID Summary
755718 There should be an audible notification when new messages are received on IRC
759816 Remove license headers from HTML template files that are used for each message
771085 Define MOZ_APP_BASENAME for Thunderbird to help fix Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_02…
749591 mailnews/db/msgdb/src/nsMsgDatabase.cpp:1124: error: extra ';'
753691 Changing nick doesn't change name in new messages in conversation pane
778276 The topic editor for IRC channels does not work
753709 JS error when pressing space on a Chat or Gloda facet view tab
297006 No criteria rows displayed on Search Messages dialog box if sized too small or splitter moved too hi…
774203 Error with python 2.7 distuils when installing mozmill
750652 MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET mismatch when installing mozmill on 10.7 machines
742472 add tooltips to the "add/remove action" button in filter editor
747593 Attachment File Name is Hard to Read with Aero and a Dark Desktop Background
780643 CSS warning in a rule of the chat button
777308 searches started from autocomplete popup should include IM results
696414 Attached vCard throws error message last is undefined
777311 Display the gloda autocomplete popup while typing in the gloda search box of the chat tab
740451 IM account cannot be created if less than 500MB available on disk (uncaught exception, NS_ERROR_FILE…
696421 Enable optimization for debug builds
761970 Warning about missing mail-toolbar-small.png file in pinstripe
753782 Broken appearance of IM system messages
758911 convert mail/base/content/mailCore.js to Services.jsm
603265 Importing a .cvf with empty lines doesn't work
747657 Convert feeds to FileUtils.jsm; remove file-utils.js
740499 IM conversations aren't indexed in gloda on the fly
346263 While changing account settings for an IMAP mail account, I was not allowed to change the case of ei…
760988 Port bug 592133 - Installer includes "Minefield is a Trademark of The Mozilla Foundation" when not u…
776349 Main toolbox still shown with all toolbars hidden
741536 IRC and XMPP connections fail when there's a system HTTP proxy
709799 monochrome toolbar icons to match Lion
754865 spin opening imap folder, new headers not downloaded
767155 JS error when the contact of an ongoing conversation signs off
736437 Chat accounts without protocol plugin aren't correctly handled
767162 New Australis tab design doesn't respect standalone message window
779453 Styling for active participants is lost when changing chatrooms
752833 Random orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-update-mailing-list.js::test_contact_in_mailing_list_upda…
748744 Update windows mozconfigs to pull from common location file
750794 Add pref UI to enable do-not-track (DNT) in Thunderbird
743629 Implement the Australis tabs on Aero
754914 Highlight the search term in IM conversation search results
744676 Upgrade trySTARTTLS to alwaysSTARTTLS, if we know it worked
756971 unable to modify message title and/or to add/remove recipients when replying or replying to all (reg…
742644 IRC's username empty text ("and server") in the Chat Account Wizard is confusing
739573 Try to merge initAcountActionsButton() and updateButtons() in AccountManager.js
751871 After upgrade refuses to start - crashes with "Terminate called without an active exception" in term…
755968 Clarify text on button that restarts/updates
734080 Port changes from Bug 700910 to Thunderbird
103684 RFE: Implement direct ordering of filters (insert new filter at the current position / above the sel…
742662 Can't add Search Engines with http referenced images in the xml and support adding/removing engines
748807 imap offline Messages not moved from "tmp" to "cur" with maildir
742669 JS error after closing a selected IM conversation, breaking some parts of the Chat UI
684302 Quick Filter Read Icon Different From Read Column Icon
739599 [Instant messaging] Make the conversation output a WAI-ARIA live region
762129 Wrong behavior of the Participants/Previous conversations splitter when moved all the way to the top…
742674 Instant messenger status window dimensions (width and height) too small, text gets cropped
742677 IRC members list not sorted alphabetically
747800 Fix code causing |Warning: function xyz does not always return a value|
776474 Make twitter account setup less fragile
748830 Account Setup Wizard loaded on every startup
753954 Implement the Australis tabs on Linux
735524 remove migration assistant which relates to tb2-tb3 differences
759078 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_mime_emitter.js - Assertion failure: !connections[i]->…
747824 Improve attachmentlist navigation
760117 Port Bug 751695 - Make our builders pick the correct mozconfig on Windows based on whether they're o…
739644 [Instant messaging] provide an indication that an item is expanded or collapsed like "offline contac…
776511 Remove the observers added by chat-messenger-overlay.js when closing a messenger window
739652 [Instant messaging] The textboxes in the account settings for a GoogleTalk account have no labels
720199 Username inserted automatically at various positions of account names
726344 add tooltiptext to more (addresses) indicator in the header pane
717129 crash nsNNTPProtocol::Initialize
782666 IMSearchInput not as tall as the other searchfields
397197 Logically group items on "junk settings" panel
776528 Chat tab title not correctly updated after closing a selected conversation
764245 Smilies should have tooltips displaying the untransformed text
58713 After delete an account the next account should be selected
739677 No way to access the "Add Contact" and "Join Chat" actions of the IM feature with the keyboard
741728 Previous conversations should be collapsed by default
751971 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-about-support.js | test-about-support.js::test_copy_to…
714090 TB 8.0 deletes POP mails if not download truncated parts and server deletes mail
754579 convert smtpEditOverlay.js and SmtpServerEdit.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
776566 Deferred Gloda indexing for IM conversations
742793 Support vCard based avatars on JS-XMPP
768919 Refine the theme of chat messages
754065 Port |Bug 744444 - delete CPP_PROG_LINK, purify/quantify targets| and |Bug 606145 part 1 - Properly …
590226 Notification bar for Junk Mail is not very informative
522645 Determining what is a feed message regression
735642 We need a Twitter OAuth key for Thunderbird (User-agent/UA name is Instantbird)
776609 Instant Messaging button and menuitem should integrate with new IM component.
756136 not possible to see if the left pane of the Chat tab has focus if "Conversations" is selected on Win…
735658 Improve appearance and discoverability of the status selector of the chat toolbar
763308 Implement Australis tabs with Firefox tab construct
522675 Message lost(at move source IMAP folder, \Deleted is stored)/corrupted(at move target local folder d…
750012 nsImapServerResponeParser fails while parsing custom message attribute data that is not enclosed in …
223681 [mozTXTToHTMLConv] fails for links with ipv6 addresses
778709 Improve keyboard interactions with the status selector of the chat toolbar
761304 mailnews/addrbook/test/unit/test_nsIAbCard.js has weak tests due to divergence of nsIAbCard between …
609758 crash [@ nsMsgSearchSession::GetRunningAdapter(nsIMsgSearchAdapter**)]
772005 Further improve notification of new chat messages
760704 GloDa search stays on "Searching...". Error: ReferenceError: aTab is not defined //app/modules/gl…
751873 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_iteratorUtils.js | TypeError: childArray is null
755454 Make the "Check for new articles every X minutes" field in RSS account settings numeric and disabled…
700920 Need an import module to test import implementation in mailnews core.
738810 convert mailnews/base/prefs/content/AccountManager.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js (and fix s…
482811 Unresponsive script timeout can cause hang if file dialog open (attachment, save file etc)
750080 Segmentation fault (crash) when writing email with no account created nsMsgDBService::GetOpenDBs
774658 Online contacts appear offline when moving chat tab to new window
750849 Fix accesskey keys after bug 397197 in the Junk settings
774666 Twitter avatars from past tweets in stream not visible after opening chat tab in new window
768525 Update the twitter logo
759328 Add instant messaging fields to the address book cards
653859 Filter won't save if tags is empty is set
779836 Cannot connect to if there are auto-joined channels defined
774731 Previous conversations sometimes not displayed
729676 mail import assumes berkeley mailbox stores
735331 "Rename" in the context menu of a contact doesn't work
752215 Debug MozMill tests fail with assertion 'i < Length() (invalid array index)'
742673 Chat accounts are not connected automatically if Thunderbird was offline on startup
721517 convert mailnews/extensions/newsblog/content/ to Services.jsm and mailServices.js; fix global scope
741998 Implement Australis toolbar button design
780930 Store contact aliases on the XMPP server
474756 Importing big Address Books makes Thunderbird crash [@ nsTextAddress::GetField(char const*, int, int…
755334 Errors in the console when there are private IRC conversations
765575 Yousendit fails on some non-ASCII attachments
744077 Startup crash - PR_Free in ProcessBodyAsAttachment
777873 Viewing some old Twitter logs breaks log viewer
776862 "Restore Default Set" on the chat toolbar selects "Icons" even though "Icons beside Text" is the vis…
593571 Support signed updates in Thunderbird
772773 "is typing..." message in chat box doesn't disappear
250539 New paragraph (e.g. list) clears formatting, does not respect font prefs for HTML messages
783022 After the initial message, conversations are not indexed or searchable until TB is restarted
757425 Compact Folders dialog has confusing keyboard shortcuts
752306 Cleanup MessageHeader button min-height definition
776884 The highlight of the focused chat input box is cut on the right side
776901 Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2
752335 Lots of Permanent oranges since CPG landed: Test Failure: controller(): Window could not be initiali…
750292 Fix/renovate feed opml import/export
754390 Port |Bug 674720 - WebContacts (or Contacts+)| to Thunderbird
752347 Alltabs graphic is displayed in the wrong vertical orientation
707305 Re-enable building with --enable-incomplete-external-linkage
761983 JS error when closing the Thunderbird main window in a removeObserver call in search.xml
735998 HTML entities in the latest tweet under "@<twitter-account> timeline" should be resolved to Unicode …
703232 Clean up mozconfigs a bit (port bug 575283), remove some default options, enable signmar testing, an…
762636 import address book as csv causes description to push all buttons off screen
763522 Show presence information in email headers
723248 add support for closing inactive databases (folders)
299655 /tmp files left behind, some world-readable
761654 "Always load remote content from [address]" link in the preview pane is failing when displayName isn…
755518 make "For at most X days" field in server settings numeric (as in bug 728681)
748853 Let check-sync-dirs have its own make target
684865 When receiving a new email, the notification doesn't display the email address of the sender when he…
743235 Search emails and IM conversations at once with gloda
753478 large icon versions in qute/mail/messageHeader.css not used and should be removed
761688 JS error at shutdown when calling nsIControllers.removeController from convbrowser.xml
508776 Close tab should return to last tab, the tab in view prior to the one being closed, not just go to t…
742250 Conversation items should be selectable without the mouse
779117 Import XMPP fixes from Instantbird
766834 TB-IM Status tooltips not updated for chats without status
759673 Runnning with to false makes global search results unclickable
769917 Accesskey conflict in address book contact
779136 Make Chat button turn blue if any new unread messages exist
754564 Allow only small icons on Aero
779147 Can't spawn conversation in new chat tab from message header or address book if other conversations …
780173 The "connect" button of the "Show Accounts" dialog stays disabled after disconnecting an IRC account
759699 The MessagesDisplayed event is fired only for large conversations
735124 Fix "does't" spelling
391061 Remove scary message about multiple SMTP servers from Account Settings
747415 Make our css more efficient.
758682 *** in the middle of conversations containing /me messages
757660 Typo in nsIMsgMessageService.idl
758688 Thunderbird Bloat & Mozmill tests - Assertion failure: !connections[i]->ConnectionReady(), mozStorag…
748358 Change the appearance of the chat button instead of reopening the chat tab when receiving a message
725926 Cleanup test_attachment.js, test_detectAttachmentCharset.js and test_saveDraft.js
561043 Message headers with large URLs causes buttons of UI to disappear off right end of screen.
775105 Presence information in email headers isn't shown correctly when there are multiple email windows
746450 remove console noise for external attachments that cannot be found
751592 Windows debug builders failing due to error in Root.h / Upgrade to Windows 2010
758951 convert mail/components/activity/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
735215 Enable Jabber / generic XMPP protocol
767987 Integrate new IM notifications in
782325 Ensure IM conversations are reindexed when the gloda database is reset
756726 nsLDAPConnection.cpp fails to build with error C2171: '!' : illegal on operands of type 'void' error…