Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version. Bugs fixed in Firefox can be found here.

Bug ID Summary
732800 Fix include paths in <script type="application/javascript" src="amUtils.js"/> to 'chrome://messenger…
763394 Black line line around tabs
740358 The Chat tab should reopen itself automatically only for messages directed to the user
733448 fix compiler warnings in mailnews/base/src/nsMsgDBView.cpp
740617 show the default account name in bold in the Account manager tree of accounts
538378 Mass delete of messages resulted in massive memory usage caused by adding offline undo recording cod…
742155 If both "Copy to folder" and "Move to folder" is requested in single filter rule, folder path of "Mo…
734734 build failure at thunderbird.mdimporter on case-sensitive filesystem
222223 imap: Trash folder case sensitive?
734736 Port Bug 734374 to Thunderbird [Australis theme]
743441 Port |Bug 716354 - freetype2 detection doesn't consider cross-compiling| to comm-central
449812 useless "select all" context menu entry on right click message pane when no message selected (e.g. i…
749552 The Command+K keyboard shortcut should select for chat search box when the chat tab is selected
650776 Use nsTreeSanitizer instead of mozSanitizingSerializer
493593 when no account is set up yet - uncaught exception calling nsIMsgSendLater.hasUnsentMessages
736798 Opening attached .eml's lists wrong attachments
482080 new message created from compose window should use the same initial identity as its parent compose w…
537378 "search messages" (Ctrl+Shift+F) should always be enabled in the 3pane - doesn't open if no folder o…
730147 Need style fixes in mailnews/import codes.
718342 Add "Reply to Sender" button to message header for NNTP posts
768779 identities list does not refresh the list after an identity is edited or added
756316 Cleanup nsMsgLocalMailFolder::GetSubFolders
763008 update to YSI v3 API
763494 Account Provisioner: Allow different prices / provider
758747 Compose window is broken with Personas
517168 When there is no profile/emails yet gloda send warnings in the console (Gloda.myContact is null)
754824 The highlight is off by a few characters in the search result view when some characters are UTF8 enc…
735282 Missing border in activity manager window
760971 Port |Bug 728141 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in browser| to Thunderbird
746037 Message tab has 1px margin on the left
735286 Missing chat inverse icon
733496 convert mail/components/addrbook/content to Services.jsm
747298 Find a way to introduce users to the "Followup" button for newsgroups
554044 xpcshell: test_smtpAuthMethods.js, test_smtpPasswordFailure1.js and others report intermittent "ASSE…
713277 When the folder tree pane shows no folders and account, the account central pane shows all actions (…
585279 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-message-header.js | test_toolbar_collapse_and_expand (The header box sho…
619843 Persist the checkbox values for the advanced search dialog ("Search subfolders" and "Run search on s…
742469 Warning: Expected color but found 'none'.
738374 Random orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-message-header.js | test-message-header.js::test_clicking…
742235 Instant Messaging UI does not fit in small screens
740680 TB-IM: Remove "#!" from copying Twitter's tweet url
739146 AlertFinished called too often
730701 Difficult to determine active tab. Insufficient color contrast.
766542 Ubuntu One used / remaining labels need spacing from values.
734544 Replace last Application.prefs uses by Services.prefs, in MailNews Core
737080 Some Certificates Advanced Option windows are fixed to 600x400 in size.
747348 Build fails in TestMailCookie.cpp
654933 msgHdrViewOverlay needs cleaning up
323159 Make obvious that "Junk mail log" is only for the "adaptive junk mail control" ("Trust junk mail hea…
748388 Protocol icon not displayed/updated in the right pane when selecting a contact
737892 Additional cleanup of Thunderbird Test Pilot
739931 fix usage of resource://gre/modules/mailServices.js across comm-central. It should be resource:///mo…
736860 filter editor dialog uses different minus signs on buttons to remove filter rules and filter actions
747102 kSmallCommit shouldn't be used, since it doesn't do anything.
744037 Add UbuntuOne support for Filelink
747362 No account selected when opening the account settings dialog while the inbox of the unified view is …
736867 disable "remove filter action" button when only one action is defined
340324 There is no Local Directory field in settings for RSS account
741733 No indication of focus on selected tagged messages (on WinXP theme, dotted focus border missing)
736870 convert mailnews/base/search/content/ to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
735292 IM in TB: Fix wrong focus; improve focus ring and initial focus with no chat accounts set up
514666 Ignored exception in EditCardOKButton: subdirectory.indexOf is not a function
205039 Filter Rules window needs a splitter
736881 Improve calculation of attached message size
746294 Tagged message headers in thread pane are really hard to read in Windows 7 Aero Glass.
332151 Add option to prevent spacebar from advancing to next message
747896 Remove hardcoded space inserted before success.title.after (accountProvisioner.dtd)
763236 Thunderbird 13 - accounts get mixed when using menu "get mail"
749690 Add a findbar and support the zoom feature in the chat tab
224831 Issue warning to restart (due to Bug 2654) when Local Directory setting is changed
744061 Random orange: SUMMARY-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-address-book.js | test-address-book.js::setupModule
695936 Printing messages with attached messages doesn't show their filename
273793 "Attached" message/rfc822 not shown in attachment panel, when Inline Display is off
712322 Combine awful customize window hackery in test-tabmail-customize.js and test-header-toolbar.js
732807 convert mailnews/extensions/smime to Services.jsm
739208 CSS warning when the account provisioner is displayed
732811 convert mailnews/news/content/ to MailServices.js
753807 Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/
451728 Special folder selection in Account Manager does not show server
740035 Port Bug 734371 [Adjust toolbar color for Australis]
739222 Noise in the terminal at startup if no default account
738711 The rootMsgFolder getter of imIncomingServer is sometimes called
737688 nsMailboxUrl should treat fetch-part URLs as "eDisplay"
735899 The "Error console" menu item should have a keyboard shortcut
739228 "Interface module loaded." in the error console is noise
370077 blockquote not rendered as an indented block
744923 Better wording in the Filelink add account dialog
744865 Build fails with: Undefined symbols: nsEudoraHTMLImageElement::MozRequestPointerLock() and nsOutlook…
741531 Typo in…
756363 Remove --verbose from the hg options in the in-tree mozconfig files
773029 Disable Ubuntu One support for TB 14.
546728 Thunderbird never finishes "copying to sent folder" on IMAP servers with case-insensitive folders
737115 Remove deprecated dnd methods from feed subscribe dialog, several enhancements
758878 MS Office 365 - IMAP & Pop- not saving to Sent folder, due to server closing connection immediately …
750669 Update in-tree mozconfigs for running mac builds on Mac 10.7 based builders
747165 Chat icons not shown on Aero in small icon mode
722355 [TB] On about:support, "Profile Directory" should be "Profile Folder"
756500 Remove extraneous newline after signature in compose window
736441 fix test descriptions in mozmill/composition
759744 Telemetry opt-in looks strange with default window size
722370 Remove obsolete MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER checks in comm-central, after bug 721447
734915 Replace the feed subscribe folderpicker with new methods
761028 Remove remaining references to Mozilla Messaging as a company name and update some more mozillamessa…
732869 Test for bug 235432
739782 test_saveTemplate.js: mailServices.js is not in gre
751562 Filters which move emails to folders broke after 12.0.1
737314 [SeaMonkey] 2 "test_bug650776.html | Wrong sanitizer result"
709581 invalid folder in spamActionTargetAccount pref causes problems when changing account settings
621264 the preference "mailnews.reply_header_originalmessage" in about:config is ignored for forwarded mess…
726737 convert mailnews/addrbook/test to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
637651 "Creating account" wording is a bit confusing
740765 Starting or selecting a conversation with the mouse should focus the input box immediately
738651 message move/copying issues with maildir
732379 send window is roundish and lacks border at top
724700 Port Bug 593768 and Bug 701628
397021 Subject line <foo@bar> in the forward inline body not shown in html composition mode
754655 Out of multiple identical inline images, all but 1st image break (broken image placeholder) when sav…
752867 Support disabling of what's new prompts via the update server snippets
612069 add null-arg checks in nsMsgSearchSession.cpp (due to crash [@ nsMsgFilter::CreateTerm(nsIMsgSearchT…
541416 Filter editor should not allow "Delete" and "Move" of same message
456169 Add "Tag" button to new interface for message headers (missing widget in header pane toolbar customi…
739051 remove msgComposeService global variables from mail/base/content
734446 Some feed subscribe enhancements
210927 mimeservice is supposed to be treated as a service
732144 Make caching of message-header address nodes with maxAddressesBeforeMore work again
771132 YouSendIt uploads return busted Filelink URLs
326902 Forward action in message filters doesn't work with RSS feeds due to no identity for RSS
746745 [SeaMonkey] Space for moving to next unread doesn't work (JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/conte…
735995 icons of twitter accounts should be shown in each tweet