Firefox OS App Backgrounds


Backgrounds and headers on Firefox OS screens vary based on the type of screen content.

There are two main groups:

  1. Light screens: Communication apps (email, contacts, SMS, etc.)
  2. Dark screens: Media apps (camera, photos, music, etc.)

And two system groups:

  1. Utilitarian screens: Settings throughout OS
  2. Edit mode: Whenever an app is in edit mode

Main Screens

Light app screen
Light app screen w/ index scroll
Light app 2nd level navigation screen
Dark app screen (gradient)
Dark app screen w/ index scroll (gradient)

Utilitarian Screens

Drawer (textured)

Usage Examples

Communication app
Call log (light app)
Albums list (dark app)
Mail settings (utilitarian)


Do not use backgrounds that can reduce contrast or legibility


You can download the Firefox OS Stencil PSD here.