Firefox OS partners


This page contains details on the Firefox OS promotional assets created for both licensed and unlicensed commercial use. Please contact us about partnership opportunities if you're interested in using these materials. If you're looking for promotional materials for community and other non-commercial use, please visit our community page.

Licensed branding

These promotional graphics can only be used for commercial purposes by our licensed partners. They are not official logos for Firefox OS, nor do they replace the logo or wordmark found on the previous page. They are always used in conjunction with them. If you're interested in using these assets, please contact us about partnership opportunities.

"The Look" The Look
"The Swoop" The Swoop

Unlicensed branding

If you’re using the underlying technology behind Firefox OS to build and power your own device, use one of these "Mozilla Technology" badges. In these cases, you may not use any element of the official brand identity (including the logo or wordmark).

Based on red Based on black Based on wordmark


B & W
Wordmark only