Firefox ScreenshotGo Privacy Notice

The Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle information that we receive from you.

Things you should know

  • Screenshots: Screenshots remain locally on your device. If you grant permission, Firefox ScreenshotGo will access them to be organized. Mozilla receives the average number of screenshots used by Firefox ScreenshotGo, including in default or new collections.

  • Technical and Interaction Data: Firefox ScreenshotGo sends Mozilla information on your device and how you interact with the app so that we can improve it. This includes how long Firefox ScreenshotGo is used and how you interact with features and buttons.

  • Third-Party Services: We use Google Firebase to help us improve performance, support crashes, and improve your experience through testing and in-product messaging. We also use Adjust to measure and support our marketing. Both companies receive data from your device.

  • Opt-out: Read our full telemetry documentation or opt-out of data collection.