Mozilla Persona

A Better Way to Manage Identity on the Web

Mozilla Persona is the first in an eventual suite of Mozilla Persona tools designed to help users and developers manage identity information on the Web.


Mozilla Persona is built on our original BrowserID protocol, a decentralized authentication technology based on verified email addresses. For more details on the technical aspects, read this blog.

Open Accessible Standards

As with all Mozilla projects, the source code is open and accessible. We are proposing Mozilla Persona as a new standard for identity systems and are working with existing identity providers to implement the protocol as their primary authentication tool.


Build user trust and confidence by providing an alternate login that protects their privacy and does not exploit profit from stored data.

Developers don’t need to manage their own sign-in program and implement a separate email verification process — and they don’t need to ask users to remember another password. In a single step, you can turn visitors into trusted users and get an email address for them.

Show your users that you respect their privacy and that you will give them a choice about sharing their data.

Check out our developer site to get the code and get started!