Mozilla Persona

Introducing Mozilla Persona

A sign-in system for the Web

A simpler way to sign in

At Mozilla, we believe that your online life is your business. With that in mind, we created Persona to make it easier to sign in to websites.

Persona allows you to sign in to sites using any of your existing email addresses; and if you use Yahoo! or Gmail for email, you will be able to sign in without having to create a new password.

Roam free

Many sign-in systems track your behavior around the web; and some even share that info with other sites and social networks. We believe you should control how your personal information is shared. Signing in using Persona requires only a valid email address; allowing you to provide personal information on as-needed basis, when and where you think it’s appropriate.

Easy for developers

Persona makes things easy for site owners, too. Enabling Browser ID, the underlying Persona technology, on your site only takes a few lines of code and helps build good relationships by providing users with a trusted sign-in option. It’s a win-win!

Looking for Personas themes in Firefox? Click here.

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