A Healthy Internet is Secure and Private

The Internet only stays healthy if we trust it as a safe place – to explore, transact, connect, and create. Our privacy and security online is under constant threat. But there’s something you can do about it: get informed, protect yourself, and make your voice heard. A healthy Internet depends on you.

User Control: Deciding who can collect your data

We should all be able to choose – with clarity and confidence – what information we share with what companies, understanding the tradeoffs we’re making when we do.

Right now, we all lack meaningful choice online – privacy policies are often miles long and hard to read, we don’t understand what information we’re sharing or when, and opting out is seldom on the menu.

What you can do about user control

  • Control your apps

    Make sure your mobile apps access only the info they need. Control your privacy and location settings on iOS and Android.

  • Manage your preferences

    Know your settings. You can manage your profile and preferences for Google, Yahoo! and Facebook ads.

What Mozilla is doing about user control

  • Writing our own policy

    Writing our own privacy policy in clear, understandable language.

  • Creating supportive products

    Walking the talk with our own products, with features like the Forget Button, and Firefox Focus, our private browser for iOS.

  • Educating the industry

    Encouraging and educating the industry about lean data practices.

Cyber Security: Locking down your sensitive information

We should all have the ability to protect our online identity.

At this point, it feels like we’ve all been victims of a cyberattack somewhere, somehow. Data breaches can lay bare the passwords of millions of people, often going undiscovered for years. Which means your identity may be at risk of theft without you even knowing it.

What you can do about cyber security

What Mozilla is doing about cyber security

Government Surveillance: Keeping prying eyes and ears out of your business

We should all have the freedom to be ourselves — online and off – without surveillance, judgment and imposed societal bias.

You wouldn’t want the government following your every move in real life – there’s no reason they should be shadowing you on the Internet. The Edward Snowden disclosures showed that even democracies can and do take liberties with your privacy.

What you can do about government surveillance

What Mozilla is doing about government surveillance

Hungry for more?

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