A healthy Internet needs all of us

At Mozilla, we see the Internet as our largest shared global resource. The healthier it is, the more it benefits everyone. We can all be a part of keeping the Internet open, safe and accessible.

Exercise your right to privacy

Privacy doesn’t mean you have something to hide. It means you have the ability to choose who knows where you go and what you do. At Mozilla, we provide tools and fight for policies that respect people’s identity and data across the Internet.

Discover open innovation

Everyone deserves the ability to create and compete online without paying for permission. With open standards at the heart of our mission, we create opportunities for people to innovate collectively through shared ideas and code.

Help keep the Web in the hands of many

When just a few organizations and governments control the majority of online content and access, the vital flow of ideas and knowledge is blocked. We champion an internet that belongs to the people.

Make room for everyone

The quality of the Internet is a reflection of the diversity of the people who are able to access and contribute to it. We create technology, policy and outreach programs that welcome all people online, regardless of race, income, nationality, or gender.

Learn and teach the Web

Everyone should have the skills to read, write and participate in the digital world. Mozilla provides technology and education programs that lift everyone’s online skills — so that they can go beyond consuming and contribute to the future of the Internet.

Take a closer look at the issues

Read the latest from Mozilla’s Internet Citizen blog.