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We support innovators connecting local service organizations in Kansas City and Chattanooga with advanced networking and communication technologies.

What is the Gigabit Community Fund?

Mozilla’s Gigabit Community Fund provides grants and resources for innovators exploring the use of next-generation gigabit technologies in Kansas City and Chattanooga.

Working in partnership with the National Science Foundation and US Ignite, the Gigabit Community Fund seeks to advance the development, experimentation and implementation of learning and workforce opportunities enhanced by new, super powerful Internet technologies like Google Fiber and EPB.

The $300,000 fund will support projects in Kansas City and Chattanooga. As the leading gigabit economies in the US, these communities are becoming ‘living labs’ for experimentation and development of public benefit uses for these technologies.

The Fund will invest in projects that are both deployable in the near term, and replicable by individuals and organizations that share goals in digital learning and making. This “community of practice” includes educators, technologists and community catalysts.

To receive funding, projects must integrate with a local organization’s service offerings in either Kansas City or Chattanooga. They need to have a measurable impact on constituents in these areas, and must demonstrate how emerging gigabit technologies are relevant in people’s everyday lives.

The Gigabit Community Fund will support two 12-week pilot periods in both Kansas City and Chattanooga. In each pilot period, up to 10 projects will be awarded between $5,000 and $30,000.

Learn more about Mozilla's Gigabit Community Fund on our wiki.

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