The Mozilla Foundation

The nonprofit Mozilla Foundation is the organizational home of the Mozilla Project, a global community and public interest initiative that believes the Web should be open and accessible to all. To protect the Web as a public resource and empower its users, we create open source products, teach 21st-century skills and spur grassroots advocacy campaigns. All this is made possible by full-time staff and thousands of volunteers around the world.

To keep the Web accessible, we build products that create opportunity and inspire further innovation. Many of Mozilla’s products are developed by the Mozilla Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation. The Mozilla Corporation functions as a self-sustaining social enterprise — money earned through its products is reinvested into the organization. Products include our flagship Firefox browser and other open source tools. The Mozilla Corporation also partners with like-minded allies to bring an open source ethos to industries and technologies like online video, telecommunications and virtual reality.

Mozilla is also committed to empowering individuals online and unlocking opportunity through education. We believe in the importance of universal web literacy: creating a world where everyone can read, write and participate online. Most of our web literacy work is carried out by the Foundation and the Mozilla community directly. Our Hive Learning Networks are robust educational communities in cities around the world, and Mozilla Clubs and Maker Parties teach web literacy through hands-on and peer-to-peer learning. Our educational tools like the Thimble code editor and Webmaker for Android transform individuals from Web consumers into Web creators. And our leadership pipelines — the OpenNews, Open Web and Mozilla Science fellowship programs, and the annual Mozilla Festival — cultivate bright minds and bring the values of the open Web into the sectors of journalism, public policy and science. As a nonprofit, much of Mozilla’s work in the education space is made possible through your donations and the efforts of volunteers.

Mozilla also carries out advocacy work. We defend the Web against companies and governments that seek to wrest control away from the public. Our advocacy work addresses issues like net neutrality, privacy and mass surveillance, and often requires effort from all corners of the Mozilla Project. Our grassroots campaigns stretch from the U.S. to India to Germany and beyond, but share a common goal: ensuring the Web remains free and open.

You can join us and help protect the Web as a global public resource. To get started, make a donation or become involved with our community.