Firefox Focus browser

Keep it private with automatic ad blocking and tracking protection on iOS and Android.


  • Forget the ad trackers

    Block ads with sneaky trackers that secretly collect your data by keeping a clean slate. Firefox Focus won’t remember you, so neither will they.

  • Make a fresh start

    Wipe out your entire browsing session — passwords, history, cookies — with a single click, whenever the mood strikes.

  • Pick up browsing speed

    Browse lighter and clutter-free by blocking pesky ads that wear down loading speeds and your patience.

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More freedom

Following the pack isn’t our style. As part of the non-profit Mozilla, Firefox leads the fight to protect your online rights and champion an Internet that benefits everyone — not just a few.

Browse independently with Firefox

More performance

Bring it, Internet! We’ve spent the last year supercharging Firefox’s performance. Now start up faster, tab hop quicker and scroll like a speed demon.

Get more done with Firefox