Firefox Better Web (beta) Terms of Service

Version 0.1, effective March 24, 2020

Mozilla (that’s us) has partnered with Scroll to bring you Firefox Better Web, a way to browse the web with fewer ads and better content.

There are two parts to the Firefox Better Web:

  • An account with our partner: Scroll. Scroll’s Terms of Service cover its part of Firefox Better Web, including payment terms.
  • A Firefox browser extension. Mozilla makes this browser extension available to you under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.


You may cancel your subscription to Firefox Better Web at any time. For how to remove the Add-on, see our support page. To cancel your subscription with Scroll, see Scroll’s support page.

Your Privacy

The Firefox Better Web Privacy Notice explains what information is sent when you use the Service and how we handle and share that information.

These Terms Can be Updated or Ended Under California Law

Mozilla Can Update These Terms. Every once in a while, Mozilla may decide to update these Terms. We will post the updated Terms online. We will take your continued use of the Service as acceptance of such changes. We will post an effective date at the top of this page to make it clear when we made our most recent update.

Termination. These Terms apply until either you or Mozilla decide to end them. You can choose to end them at any time for any reason by stopping your use of the Service. Mozilla can suspend or end anyone’s access to the Service at any time for any reason. If we decide to suspend or end your access, we will try to notify you at the email address associated with your account or the next time you attempt to access your Account.

Choice of Law. California law applies to this contract, except for California’s conflict of law. If there is any conflict between this English version of the contract and a translation, this English version applies.

Contact Mozilla:

Mozilla Corporation
Attn: Mozilla – Legal Notices
331 E. Evelyn Ave.,
Mountain View, CA 94041