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Mozilla is a global, non profit organisation dedicated to making the Web better. We emphasise principle over profit, and believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold. We answer to nobody but you and believe it is crucial to put you in control of your online experience. We are aiming to give you better insight and control into the ways your personal information is collected, used, stored and shared online.

Mozilla Firefox offers a Do Not Track feature that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by web sites. When the feature is enabled, Firefox will tell advertising networks and other web sites and applications that you want to opt-out of tracking for purposes like behavioural advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Do Not Track?

Do Not Track is a step toward putting you in control of the way your information is collected and used online. Do Not Track is a feature in Firefox that allows you to let a web site know you would like to opt-out of third-party tracking for purposes including behavioural advertising. It does this by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP header every time your data is requested from the Web.

Is Do Not Track available on Firefox for Android?

Yes. Firefox for Android is the first mobile Web browser to offer the Do Not Track privacy feature, and behaves the same way it does on the desktop. To turn Do Not Track on in Firefox for Android, simply swipe left and tap on Browser Tools. From the Preferences pane, tap on the box next to "Tell sites not to track me" to turn this option on or off.

Does Do Not Track block ads?

No, you will still see ads with Do Not Track enabled. However, Do Not Track may change the type of ads you see. For example, behavioural ads are targeted to your interests based on the web sites you visit and the search terms you use. If you request that web sites Do Not Track you, and the sites respect your privacy preferences, you will see more generic ads in place of behavioral ads.

How does Do Not Track work with other privacy tools?

Do Not Track is one of many privacy solutions. Do Not Track does not replace your antivirus software, will not encrypt data, and is not a security mechanism. There are several other privacy and security features within Firefox.

Will Do Not Track affect the rest of my Web experience?

Do Not Track may interfere with some personalised services you enjoy. For example, a Do Not Track request might mean you would have to type in your post code each time you want to view a weather report, rather than seeing the weather automatically displayed. Personalisation on web sites can save you time and repetitive typing, but it requires data.

How do I enable Do Not Track in Firefox?

This feature is not enabled by default. You can find the Do Not Track request on the Privacy pane. On Windows, go to Tools > Options… > Privacy.

Click to tick the box next to "Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked". For more information, see the help file on how to stop web sites from tracking you.

Will companies honour my Do Not Track preference?

Companies are starting to support Do Not Track, but you may not notice any changes initially. We are actively working with companies that have started to implement Do Not Track, with others who have committed to doing so soon.

Where can I learn more?

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