Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
889152 send format html and plain domains set in mailnews.js are ignored
896652 Special chars (eg umlauts) in password break xmpp login
904719 items is undefined in cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js
894552 Remove no more used listitem and treechildren styles
910226 Permaorange on debug xpcshell: PROCESS-CRASH | /builds/slave/test/build/xpcshell/tests/chat/componen…
911465 Add tests for thread-sorting behavior
809880 uninitialized data created by nsMsgFilterList::ParseCondition
920729 Error after account creation ['logException is not defined' in mailInstrumentation.js]
930976 Daily (Central) and Earlybird (Aurora) l10n builds failing because of lightning
909147 Build error during "make check": [] Error 1 ("assert current_type is not None")
922225 orange: test-plugin-crashing.js | test-plugin-crashing.js::test_crashed_plugin_notification_inline
900139 Selected Tab may or may not get shown in the scrollbox while overflowed
913967 Build tier changes broke comm-central
608864 New mail icon is so tiny and uncontrasty that it's nearly invisible and therefore pointless
911538 Implement Bug 832524 on TB [Menu items are misaligned on high DPI]
936627 Remove the border around the arrowpopup
916026 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_bug854467.js | true == false
915516 gMsgCompose is null (was: items is undefined in cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js)
365386 Implement option / pref to replace spaces (" ") with underscores ("_") in file names when saving mes…
889022 try to remove mail/base/content/widgetglue.js
901567 Move EXTRA_PP_JS_MODULES to in comm-central
901568 Move CPP_UNIT_TESTS to in c-c
597441 messages replied and sent with deferred sending haven't the small arrow identifying them as replied
905155 Remove the XPFE autocomplete component
901572 Make c-c build files conform to m-c's stricter rules
904010 Codesighs is never run by buildbot, but is still enabled in mozconfigs
910541 Port the LIBRARY definitions to in comm-central
909263 Undefined reference to nsMemory in external API builds
877520 Thunderbird should make use of exif orientation when displaying attached images
885074 Clean up old stuff in makefiles
918261 orange: test-donottrack-prefs.js | test-donottrack-prefs.js::test_donottrack_checkbox
913493 MAPI stopped working with SAGE 50 and other mailto: (Need to link MAPI support into xul.dll)
908118 Build failure in mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgCompose.cpp:540:13: error: invalid use of incomplete type…
826968 [Exception... "'TypeError: this.folderDisplay.treeSelection is null' when calling method: [nsIFolder…
884825 Move LIBRARY_NAME to in c-c
906831 Intermittent OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../../../mozilla/dist/xpi-stage/lightnin…
905822 Annotate manifests with run-sequentially
239455 All pop3 email messages on server downloaded again if local hard disk drive runs out of space, causi…
530528 Replies are not marked as "Replied" if a modified draft in IMAP Drafts folder is sent
896738 Lots of TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Error console says ... in xpcshell tests
908397 OS X - Make tree-item selected backgrounds consistent with the system style (Finder)
614373 Quick filter's "filter messages by" buttons: checked vs. unchecked status not easy to tell apart
931345 Remove on OS X the Print Preview in AppMenu
898537 [Mac HiDPI]: Account icons in the menu should be HiDPI
592235 Alert on active folder does not identify Mail Account or Folder for "This folder is being processed.…
904044 Strip mailWindows1.css
906002 External API build busted after various bugs
929006 Thunderbird signature detection is recursive (nested plain-text messages)
916207 OS X - Compose Window's sidebar close button does not have a hover or pressed state.
903665 tabmail.xml: documentation for perTabPanel not matching implementation
915571 Thunderbird fails to compile nsldif32v60.dll: LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mozcrt.l…
916085 Use prefix-less zoom-in and zoom-out CSS property values
909687 Choosing between PrintWithParent and Print calls in nsMsgPrintEngine::PrintMsgWindow has no effect
930424 Hide 'Ignore/Watch [sub]thread' separator if these menuitems are hidden
918267 orange: test-session-store.js | test-session-store.js::test_clean_shutdown_session_persistence_simpl…
749564 Cannot delete contacts from "Advanced address book search" results (minimal fix: implement DEL short…
709733 The folder list Recent should not duplicate itself when you enter Customise toolbar.