Bug Fixes


Bug ID Summary
783872 Don't pass ints to NS_FAILED
776705 convert mailnews/base/prefs/content/accountUtils.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
792579 Remove NS_TIME_FUNCTION from in comm-central
531716 crash [@ nsAbMDBCard::Equals(nsIAbCard*, int*)]
783110 be smarter about when to reset the search box after a New/Edit filter operation in the filter list e…
595723 If Thunderbird is the default client for e-mail, newsgroups and feeds, the dialog only shows that Th…
789263 Update Thunderbird's copy of about:support
787984 Add tests for imContentSink.jsm
787729 Folder name with % makes feeds unhappy
804142 Upgrade clang used by thunderbird
796805 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_iteratorUtils.js | TypeError: childArray is null
788259 Plugin check pref set to instead of causing a useless redirect and making it…
814630 Thunderbird 17.0 closes all windows if multiple are opened
793639 Remove unnecessary prtypes.h includes from comm-central
749096 use proper accessor functions for getting list rows instead of open-coding them in mail/base/content…
792105 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-content-tab.js | test-content-tab.js::test_content_tab…
793643 Upgrade clang to r161152
788270 Fix TLS detection with clang on OpenBSD (port bug 778414)
793394 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 777292 (error: cannot convert from 'int' to 'nsresult')
813622 Permanent orange: various oranges related to plugins
781367 Clean up some old Mac code in comm-central
717881 The default tab icon used on Mac doesn't exist
794170 Silence "equality comparison with extraneous parentheses [-Wparentheses-equality]" in nsMsgFolderDat…
785980 Remove unused SetUpToolbarButtons function
795712 Silence [-Wunused-private-field] warnings in mailnews/
794946 Add mozmill tests for the chat toolbar and the central placeholder of the instant messaging UI
795971 JavaScript strict warning: logger.js, line 453: assignment to undeclared variable entry
794186 remove remaining PRInt32/PRUint32 usages in comm-central
763106 convert /mail/components/preferences/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
642639 errUtils.js' logException should dump exceptions via Components.utils.reportError too for fancy mozm…
784037 missing whitespace between icon and label in chat
797524 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 795065 (error: no matching function for call to ‘nsITransfer::…
783289 Fix return code issues revealed by nsresult changes in comm-central
795736 Silence some [-Wunused-variable] warnings in mailnews/
787547 profie-change-teardown should be profile-change-teardown in mailShutdown
795997 Silence remaining[-Wunused-variable] / [-Wunused-private-field] warnings in mailnews/
679696 Identity picker on compose window is hard to use when you have a lot of identities
561762 Add additional error information to "This filter cannot be saved"
466276 .caf files grayed out (not selectable) in Preferences > General > Use the following sound file > Bro…
785514 Use also inverted icons for AB and Compozer with dark Personas
349547 Should not be able to open the same draft multiple times
798828 fix "warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion [-Woverflow]" in mailnews/local/src/nsParseM…
806254 Add back Growl support for TB / SM Aurora
551827 Option to delete manually marked Junk is in wrong place
789827 Fix nullptr abuse in comm-central
742524 Expose mail.compose.big_attachments.insertNotification in the preferences dialog
764266 Remove WINCE support on c-c
797823 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 794884 (error: 'SupportImageWithMimeType' is not a member of '…
792965 Add icons to compose autocomplete list
524424 Royale Theme icons are misaligned
798345 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_private_resume.js | TypeError: pb is null
49474 Filter editor UI: Enter key after entering criteria closes dialog.
790671 Port |Bug 781138 - Empty .mkdir.done files are bundled with packages| to comm-central
738194 Composition: Add keyboard shortcuts for Zoom (Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, Ctrl+0: ux-consistency with message re…
792979 Attachment reminder is broken due to removal of nsIEditorObserver
760983 [10.8] background.png needs to be resized for Mountain Lion
739311 Clicking "x more" button shrinks(!) message header height, so that *less* or even *no* recipients ar…
738719 Run mozmill tests with an IM account in the default profile
791457 MailNews calls synchronous nsIProtocolProxyService::Resolve which doesn't exist any more since Bug 7…
748965 convert mail/base/content/FilterListDialog.js and SearchDialog.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.j…
794988 Enable profiling on Daily builds
807592 Frequent red on builders: error RC2135 : file not found: address-book.ico
545194 Account Settings-->Server username and buttons "Advanced" and "Browse" are cut off
789678 Fix line endings in
314806 No function to set default identity
812130 Increase the account provisioner timeout to greater than the server timeout
792505 Fix broken string in aboutSupport
543419 Message Filters list not updated when already open
801644 Incorrect return result check in nsSmtpProtocol::ProcessProtocolState
794558 Remove 2 unused vars in mailnews/base/src
537026 crash [@ @0x0 | nsMsgFilterService::OpenFilterList(nsILocalFile*, nsIMsgFolder*, nsIMsgWindow*, nsIM…
684485 crash in nsAbCardProperty::SetPropertyAsAString before trying to use nsDependentCString
779976 Set priority with XMPP
799434 Earlybird builds shouldn't have profiling enabled
788429 Add ability to open global Addressing preferences from account manager
795097 the News "Download headers" dialog should use a numeric field for the number of headers to download.
776925 Quick Filter Status in View Menu desyncs when the Quick Filter toolbar button is removed
526047 crash getting mail @ nsAddrDatabase::GetRowForCharColumn - nsSpamSettings::CheckWhiteList [@ nsAddr…
775394 Use instead of Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIIOService) in xp…
792804 Test failure: mailnews/news/test/unit/test_bug540288.js | [Exception... "Component returned failure …
787433 IRC component should return a proper CTCP VERSION response.
806124 Services undefined (but used) in connection.js
793838 Feed body AppMenu items are not working anymore
577775 Invalid account directory path to folders should raise an error dialog/verify setting, not just log …
725488 in Junk Settings, disable junk target folder pickers based on the radio selector (Junk on/Other), si…
789745 Cannot connect to XMPP servers that don't support SASL authentication
716278 "warning: invoking macro NS_ENSURE_TRUE argument 2: empty macro arguments are undefined in ISO C90 a…
814589 Thunderbird's Menu button has vertical lines on it that seem out-of-place
811920 Message list highlight bar - insufficient contrast when list is blurred
801541 dbFrozen is an intermediate variable that should just go away
543239 Filter list no longer finds and selects filter using keyboard entry.
476426 Thunderbird needs a "NO" option for the initial "Use Thunderbird as the Default Client for" dialog
498443 S/MIME interoperability problems with Eudora; add smime-type=enveloped-data parameter
800525 wrapped nick causes extra height on secondary lines
803855 Port __stdcall and ssize_t changes to comm-central
803856 Port using -mstackrealign to comm-central
803862 Port |Bug 722933 - add -MACHINE option for link.exe| to comm-central
773143 Rename MOZ_ANGLE to MOZ_ANGLE_RENDERER [Port |Bug 772457 Remove compile-time option to disable ANGL…
807451 Remove nsISignatureVerifier and/or nsISignatureVerifier::VerifySignature
802334 Port |Bug 799391 - Remove libiw check| to comm-central
804639 Package breakpadinjector.dll and changes from Bug 769048.
800091 in filter list dialog, indicate when a search on the filter names is applied and when there are no h…
802343 Port |Bug 557000 - Correctly set GCC_VERSION on mingw| and |Bug 797793 - Disable format warnings on …
807787 Folder pane (tree widget) on linux wastes horizontal space
802348 Port |Bug 795662 - Update libpng to version 1.5.13| to comm-central
801582 Line length in the new IRC chat module not restricted or restrictable by option
802352 Port |Bug 797049 - Disable C4351 as an MSVC warning about a change to be standards-compliant in MSVC…
802098 Make nsIMsgComposeSecure scriptable
810711 Port |Bug 677159 - Don't allow to include config/ twice| to comm-central
792074 Earlybird's displayed keyboard shortcut for Chat (Ctrl+Shift+C) has no effect
806581 Translate Facebook Chat
807488 Remove build support for Photon, Irix and old Unix platforms
805953 create a shared function to determine account tree row to click for account manager test files, inst…
545859 Signature is misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and…
798789 Enable gcc -Werror=conversion-null for gcc >= 4.5 for comm-central (port bug 778980)
805446 <Delete> key in Feed Subscriptions window does not work as expected
802375 Port |Bug 697064 - Remove MOZ_CHECK_HEADERS(mmintrin.h) from| to comm-central
371174 In <ComposerCommands.js>, 3 strict "Warning: redeclaration of property", caused by function redeclar…
803914 Port |Bug 791305 Use libjpeg's color conversion code instead of our own| to comm-central
250187 Reply all automatically converts multiple TO recipients to CC (should preserve original destination …
808524 remove unused folderTargetPopup class and binding
812877 Rename purpleConversation -> prplConversation where appropriate
814414 Menu entries for chat still shown in AppMenu when set to false
810637 HUGE memory consumption when downloading headers for large IMAP folder with old profille (problem wh…
787794 fix some JS strict mode warnings that appear at Thunderbird startup
668756 decimal separator according to TB locale version
812375 Remove content_xtf.xpt from package manifest
812246 Build bustage - error: nsMsgRDFDataSource.h - invalid use of member 'nsMsgRDFDataSource::mObservers'…
804955 View button in Message security of Compose window does nothing when the address has no certificate
735717 chat - toolbar icon and tab icon are different
802704 [OS X] add LSApplicationCategoryType to the info.plist
390331 Thunderbird does not configure Word XP (2002) "File, Send To: Mail Recipient" options
809573 opening attached .eml file triggers TypeError: msgHdr.folder is null
801383 Build is failing in comm-central MailNews code since m-c Bug 779473
360809 Default Client options disabled after making TB the default mail or news client (system integration …
806762 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 792180 (error: ‘NS_UNLIKELY’ was not declared in this scope)
454507 Contexts menu for links in emails "Copy Link Location" and "Copy" both uses C as accesskey
799596 Thunderbird is unusable after bug 565717 landed
800877 8BITMIME keyword ignored, BODY=8BITMIME absent in 8bit transfers.
802365 Sync NSS and NSPR versions in between comm-central and mozilla-central
271730 UI elements/widgets/controls in compose window should be disabled while the message is being sent (e…
794739 Check Now button to make Thunderbird the default mail/news/rss application does nothing
809321 Source and destination overlap in mempcy in nsMimeRebuffer.cpp
812921 Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 4
785274 Should return the error of CreateUnique in nsFolderCompactState::Init().
800123 Don't hard code the contact photos in cardDialog
809853 Thunderbird Nightly on Mac and Linux is broken (doesn't start - Couldn't load XPCOM)
436606 "ASSERTION: RemoveCurrentDraftMessage can't get draft id" involving message compose window
783491 tweak outdated code in mail/base/content/FilterListDialog.js
807303 Unprefix "-moz-initial" in comm-central
808328 Port |Bug 797745 - Move l10n-merge/relativesrcdir logic from into, allow jar.m…
801559 Remove unused nsIMdbCompare
808399 Remove build support for BeOS and VMS
728385 [10.8] Include support for Mountain Lions "Notification Center" into Thunderbird
749200 merge sortAccounts() function in AccountManager.js and serverCompare() in folderWidgets.xml
805266 Avoid extra make pass in mime/public
495318 add support for LIST (SUBSCRIBED) part of IMAP LIST-EXTENDED command (RFC 5258)
736661 outgoing server (SMTP) cannot be highlighted even though selected
767897 Change access key of joinChatMenuItem
807066 Port changes to CL_INCLUDES_PREFIX and to comm-central
816028 LIST (SUBSCRIBED) command to Zimbra server with shared folders causes crash in Zimbra and results in…
804001 The "Check now" button in advanced preferences should be "Check now..." after bug 595723
804004 Convert rest of Account manager files to Services.jsm and mailServices.js
804008 Convert mailnews/base/content/folderWidgets.xml to mailServices.js
795562 nsNntpIncomingServer allows to subscribe twice to the same newsgroup
777287 try to remove some unneeded XUL elements in the filter editor dialog
782738 crash at mail startup [@ nsParseNewMailState::MoveIncorporatedMessage]
339887 Options > Format menu is unclear: should be "Send format" or similar
210608 build warnings in nsImapMailFolder
812212 SeaMonkey trunk fails to compile (nsIPop3Service.idl)
796085 fix some "warning: variable 'rv' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]" gcc warnings in /mail…
799451 Can't remove attachment with keyboard in forwarded e-mail
536248 Accounts are always expanded by default in account settings window
465339 Find a sensible way around building in mailnews when touching mailnews/base, or document it everywhe…
392848 message filter condition order incorrect within the list after editing (rule added to the end (botto…
812999 Specify stable revisions for extensions in comm-central's using commented-out variables
798669 nsImapMailFolder::GetOfflineMsgFolder should be made accessible to js
795085 linux external api builds fail (nsString.h include in gfx/src/nsRegion.h)
669136 crash [@ nsParseMailMessageState::FinalizeHeaders()], [libSystem.B.dylib@0x4123b | ParseString | nsP…
810707 Port |Bug 704313 - Add proper, overridable <stdint.h> support to mfbt| to comm-central
787925 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-cloudfile-backend-yousendit.js | test-cloudfile-backen…
779990 "Advanced..." button in Server Settings is in the wrong place
80855 fix hostnameIsIllegal() to properly check validity of hostnames and be more robust
806616 Port |Bug 740854 - Remove SYSTEM_MAKEDEPEND and MOZ_NATIVE_MAKEDEPEND and associated crap| to comm-c…
792793 Remove growl support from comm-central
810714 Port |Bug 755724 part A - add makefile variable DIST_SUBDIR to ship code to a subdirectory of dist/b…
678351 dirSvc in mailShutdown.js should be an nsIDirectoryService
525024 Account manager does not allow properties with '.' such as
762594 Prompts to save unmodified message forward draft
813691 Phishing toolbar needs to be updated to use new nsIUrlListManager interface
786404 Twitter stops downloading tweets until user goes Offline and then back Online
133605 nsIMsgCompFields::[Set|Get]NewsHost is identical to nsIMsgCompFields::[Set|Get]NewspostUrl
363238 saved searches fail for searches on x-headers
315367 Filters' Folder picker ['Copy To' and 'Move To'] is unusable with large numbers of folders
798952 Move sanitizeDialog.css to mail subdirectory
516240 Message > Archive does not work for .eml files or emails from attachments (cannot use archive comman…
801261 Adopt editContactOverlay to new light coloring
775665 Change Filter Context UI to checkboxes
810709 Port |Bug 792685 - Add a way to have automagically inherited variable definitions in Makefiles| to c…
803574 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_nntpPassword2.js application crashed
803834 Port Python version / virtual environment changes to comm-central
371195 odd "left" and "right" arrow images in the "Previous" / "Next" buttons in the table properties dialo…
810573 Port Bug 737786 to comm-central - Switch from :-moz-placeholder to ::-moz-placeholder (pseudo-class …
793599 convert mailnews/base/prefs/content/am-junk.js to Services.jsm
327812 No server name validation (checking) for POP3/IMAP/News/LDAP server, whereas enabled for SMTP
821253 Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsIMsgFilter::getSortedActionList
808172 convert Mutation Events to use MutationObserver in mail/
824459 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 807678 (error: no matching function for call to ‘nsIDNSRecord:…
808974 Make the "Recent" submenu of folder picker also inherit the class of the parent menu.
795152 Switch to Services.jsm: What's left
842008 unable to delete saved search
545859 Signature is misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and…
825236 test fails on comm-central due to removal of mozconfig.leopard from mozilla-centr…
823449 Fix 'Services.appshell', should be 'Services.appShell' (documentation was wrong)
814987 Clicking at the top edge of screen should select the tab when Thunderbird is maximized
820377 Port bug 819940 - remove EnumerateForwards/Backwards on nsISupportsArray
821914 Unable to post or save a draft to Newsgroups
813295 Fix entity names for keyboard shortcuts for compose window font size changes after bug 738194
794909 Switch to Services.jsm: compose code
821408 Remove a couple of uses of nsISupportsArray.ElementAt
844432 Give Edit buttons a hover state
822822 fix "warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]" in nsMail…
767655 New messages arrive sound file browser wont select ogg files
521384 Cannot set font size to 8 from Options-->tab Display (but Advanced window work)
822316 Fix clang error with double > in nsMsgAccountManager.h
818250 Possible crash with null m_identity in nsMsgCompose::ConvertAndLoadComposeWindow
615856 crash sending message [@ nsMsgBuildMessageByName]
813299 move the '#filter substitution' line in *.xul files below the <?xml?> header
814391 Permanent Orange: test_cspreports.js hangs for Thunderbird after bug 802905 landed (buildbot.slave.c…
815220 Icons are missing in folder picker in main toolbar
532567 Update details open in a message window as editable HTML
734034 invisible directories still used by thunderbird junk mail management (after deferring an account the…
807101 fix logic in am-prefs.js::onCheckItem of disabling elements when the corresponding pref is locked an…
835002 Add back Growl support for TB19/20/21 and SM 2.16/2.17/2.18
805185 updated 17 = WIN 7 problems--opens double windows. (Regression by bug 755793. Once Tb is terminated…
814219 nsMovemailService doesn't build with external linkage anymore
563908 Investigate why test-columns.js test_apply_to_folder_no_children and test_apply_to_folder_and_childr…
819271 test_formatFileSize.js fails on systems that use a decimal separator different from "."
809418 Use nsMsgFolderFlags::SpecialUse constant instead of enumerating all the individual values at variou…
525900 Wrong plural form for unread when selecting multiple messages
799821 Folders misbehave when LSUB does not return mailbox flags
795983 Chrome file doesn't exist: [...]/chrome/messenger/skin/classic/messenger/messages/Variants/Normal.cs…
824266 Crash in account manager when account has invalid server @ nsMsgAccountManager::GetIdentitiesForServ…
820306 chrome://messenger/skin/messenger.css uses invalid 'auto' value for padding-bottom property
807848 Account Mailbox does not appear in Folder Pane unless 'toolkit.telemetry.prompted' set to 'True'
795989 cleanup of folderpane icons
812630 When hovering over the Menu Button, hover text is: "Displays the Application Menu"
802135 Replace nsresult equality tests with macros
823009 Attachment Reminders not triggering due to removal of nsIMutationObserverCallback (Permanent Orange …
840954 Add mozbase to the list of packaged directories for Thunderbird's tests
817502 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | multiple-identities/test-display-names.js | test_no_header_…
832679 AppMenu: Menu checkmarks indicating if {Folder pane} or {Message Pane} are shown or hidden work the …
818657 Fix build failures due to prmem include removals
823526 Empty newsgroups list when trying to subscribe to a newsgroup
824296 fix some signed/unsigned comparison problems and compile warnings in nsMsgFilterList.cpp
127399 Allow sending emails with IDN based email addresses
815340 Fix some more nullptr abuse in comm-central
816749 Port UA changes from bug 591537/bug 815743 to comm-central
817390 make click_account_tree_row() in test-account-manager-helpers.js check sanity of its arguments
821743 Remove nsISupportsArray actionList attribute in nsIMsgFilter
824424 Comm-central build on OS X 10.7 busted due to parent m-c changesets
822131 Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsIMsgFilterService::applyFiltersToFolders and nsMsgFilterAfterTh…
821236 Remove some unused functions that use nsISupportsArray and replace some instances of nsISupportsArra…
493544 invalid decoding of multiline utf-8 subject header (better to be tolerant with split of byte code at…
772342 Unprefix CSS3 transforms, Transition properties, Animation etc in Comm-Central.
822263 Change nsAbView.cpp to use DebugOnly.h instead of Util.h
811770 Use a different wordmark and possibly other branding changes for Thunderbird 17 ESR
825853 Port bug 818394 - Universal symlink not created correctly
829316 Chat icon vertical align
839046 Temporarily disable WebRTC in Thunderbird build to work around bug 837618
688135 crash [@ nsMsgDBFolder::CallFilterPlugins(nsIMsgWindow*, int*)]
790852 Make nsIMimeHeaders use the new MIME parser
824073 In preferences dialog, compose pane, disable the "minutes" textbox, when autosave is not checked and…
841996 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-plugin-crashing.js | test-plugin-crashing.js::test_cra…
832066 Remove deprecated NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_CLASS from nsMsgRDFDataSource.cpp
842254 Thunderbird/SeaMonkey comm-central builds fail with "KeyError: 'MOZ_APP_VENDOR'"
840591 regression: The "Copy To" and "Move To" context menus do not list any sub-items
825872 Port bug 780561 - Overhaul the packager - to comm-central
830993 Dupe xul ids prevent menuitem selection setting
765074 Compose window shows reference count leaks on shutdown
747284 Actions in msgFilterRules.dat is better sorted by INDEX value of action, in order to avoid user's co…
795158 Switch to Services.jsm: /editor/ui/
731673 Shift modifier for starting new message in non-default format is ignored in message menu (Plaintext …
528793 "Choose color for text" / "Choose color for background" not disabled like everything else
833949 convert nsMsgMailNewsUrl::m_cachedMemCacheEntries from nsISupportsArray to nsCOMArray
824324 JavaScript strict warning: chrome://global/content/bindings/radio.xml, line 133: reference to undefi…
832220 STRIP_FLAGS is not in
813218 Folder Picker in Toolbar is _waaaayyyy_ too condensed.
841381 error: 'class nsTArray<unsigned int>' has no member named 'GreatestIndexLtEq' after bug 618479 landi…
834214 Update LDAP c-sdk to LDAPCSDK_6_0_7F_RTM
842024 Thunderbird Chat can't connect to EuIRC
723497 saving message to disk fails silently, fails to report file naming convention violation error
713133 Make missing file warnings fatal on Thunderbird
851117 Repack comm-aurora using in-tree mozconfigs, objdirs, and pre-built mar tools
815283 create test file to check proper operations of the Account manager account tree
827061 ASSERTION: Bad position passed to nsJISx4051LineBreaker::Next: 'aLen > aPos', file ./mozilla/intl/lw…
836921 Remove nsIUpdateCheckListener onprogress from aboutDialog.js
856506 crash in nsSmtpProtocol when parsing IDN
831737 Re-write and simplify newmailalert.{js|xul|css} (Backport changes from SeaMonkey Bug 404580)
859068 Cannot create or amend mailling lists in the address book
750781 Thunderbird 12 veryyyyy slow when opening Message. Sometimes shows "Not Responding". (because places…
825279 Remove outcommented code in msgHdrViewOverlay.js::ShowMessageHeaderPane()
837568 Port |Bug 808785 - Stop shipping d3dx9_43.dll| to SeaMonkey
533314 Tests: Use foo@foo.invalid instead of
839925 Reorganize layout of installed jsmime
831300 Cannot build MailNews after mozilla-central Bug 786533.
842183 Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 5
833988 Convert nsMsgCompose::BuildMailListArray nsISupportsArray argument to something better
833971 LDAP password requested for each lookup even if password is saved (also can't save it again after re…
838992 Port bug 745998 to fix packaging with --disable-necko-wifi
792021 New app menu doesn't have EDIT menu
436089 nsIMsgFolder::ListDescendents should not have an nsISupportsArray parameter
786648 Stop stealing strings for log viewer
857049 Port Twitter API v1.1 from Instantbird to c-c
844175 Twitter stays on Connecting: Requesting user timelines...
530099 Remove extensions.getMore* preferences
581470 Ctrl+P and Ctrl+W not working from Print Preview window
834911 remove support of nsIEnumerator from mailnews/base/util/iteratorUtils.jsm
792800 IRC nickname addition in the address book fields for chat
517456 crash [@strchr | nsParseMailMessageState::ParseHeaders() ], formerly [@ nsParseMailMessageState::Par…
834020 remove use of nsIEnumerator in mailnews C++ code
846694 "Trust junk mail headers set by" dropdown shows only a number 5
834028 Wrong parameter name for fEAlert method in nsIImapServerSink interface
854162 Should use nsImapMailFolder::HasMsgOffline() instead of checking for nsMsgMessageFlag::Offline in ns…
850088 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | build file copies are not in sync
805620 Content-Transfer-Encoding and Content-Disposition parameters should be case-insensitive, per RFC 204…
746052 Make a JS-implemented raw MIME parser
830456 Code cleanup in /chat/: Use new String methods like startsWith, endsWith, contains, remaining Servic…
823673 Remove -moz-prefixed gradients usage from comm-central
842106 Permanent red: /installer/ /builds/slave/tb-c-cen-lx-000000000000000000/build/co…
811199 Port |Bug 794510 - Build with NO_NSPR_10_SUPPORT| to SeaMonkey
759422 Remove use of e4x in account creation
839413 Port bug 830594 - Turn on ENABLE_SHARED_JS on Win64 builder for PGO linker limit
869890 thunderbird should declare itself dpiAware on windows via the .exe manifest
681219 make method name of nsISmtpService decent
833028 Subjects with mixed ASCII and MIME words are incorrectly displayed
824150 Code cleanup in /mail/ and /mailnews/: Use new String methods like startsWith, endsWith, contains, r…
809990 Don't set the offline folder flag for SPAM and TRASH folders
845089 Thunderbird build config changes in a world
648980 Add build system hooks for allowing applications to provide their own configure options and autoconf…
781333 Use 2x images for HiDPI Thunderbird UI
829208 External API build busted after bug 807678
866223 Compose windows are no longer recycled
852252 Daily: latest update : no mail folders visible
856350 new tag dialog stopped working
283425 Add prefs UI for option to disable (don't show) the new-message tray icon
850466 do some trivial optimisations in mailnews/base/utils/folderUtils.jsm
616229 crash [@ nsMsgXFGroupThread::SetMsgHdrAt(unsigned int, nsIMsgDBHdr*)]
840230 replace nsISupportsArray variable mailnews/base/src/nsMessenger*Integration.*::mFoldersWithNewMail
834612 building Mozilla fails because of NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS in mailnews/import/oexpress/nsOEScanBoxes.cpp
844599 Implement Bug 842913 on comm-central (Rename winstripe->windows, pinstripe->osx, gnomestripe->linux)
263736 Group by sort feature with sort by "Date" uses "Old Mail" in RSS folders and newsgroup
817468 color of attachment bar with wide view layout different from other layouts
747325 'Error parsing template: expected <content> to be first' when opening virtualFolderListDialog.xul
849215 Overlay grain.png on the Chat Pane.
655428 "Reply with Template" Filter replies to From field, not Reply-To field
480843 Implement memory reporter for mailnews
855631 Get New Messages for all accounts does not work
847187 Permaorange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/xpcshell/tests/dom/mobilemes…
519252 consider builder newsgroup link in a safer way
844373 clean up _flagNameList iterating in mail/base/content/folderPane.js
514134 usage of sprintf in Address book code
514136 Increase the size of the char array for imap command tag
848477 Extensions are not allowed to use custom folders for mail storage
855135 Change link and signature colors in themes from hard-coded definitions to follow preferences
847172 sort entries in the "Trust junk mail headers set by" menulist
825449 Filter editor: Accesskey for 'Perform these actions' should set/move focus to first action item (at …
825452 system integration dialog says 'Skip integration' even when launched from preferences
544621 Use or remove '#ifdef HAVE_PORT' code
853309 Fix typo in comments and logs: |recieve| -> |receive|
448624 Remove imap specific "Empty trash" confirmation dialog.
846706 Username is confusing in the context of creating an IRC account.
524662 Customize Headers window is prompted twice (Creating/adding customized filter header or removing it …
833399 crash in nsImapOfflineTxn::UndoTransaction
855573 Missing file(s): bin/components/layout_forms.xpt
846983 Linux bustage on package-manifest:114: Missing file(s): bin/components/dom_sms.xpt
814956 AppMenu button on Mail Toolbar of standalone message window does not work
852461 Remove growl support from comm-central
325777 "Search messages" window has mislabeled button - "File" should be "Move"
29593 [autoconfig] pre-populate the users fullname in the new mail account wizard
781466 Shortcut keys used to assign tags are not consistent with those shown in the Menu.
845807 Blue link text should be lighter by default.
832666 Remove on Win8 the fog on tabbar
845509 Checkmarks not shown on AppMenu menuitems
864417 broken observer calls in editor.js due to bug 795158
848292 Icons for special IMAP folder (Inbox, trash, ...) are not shown when folder is shared
853926 Grain texture is too light on Linux.
844463 packaging after build fails, if configure with --disable-updater
817329 "this addon could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt" is quite invisible
863672 Port changes to comm-aurora
860093 Regression from Bug 824150: toolbox has no method getElementById()
834757 Remove [noscript] methods from nsIMimeConverter
708550 Cannot copy version string from "About Thunderbird" dialogue window (regression)
465351 Wrong message and reason reported with untrusted CA roots when signing email
824778 Add bottom border to tab toolbar
849612 Fix build problems caused by Bug 847195 [error: nsIDOMNamedNodeMap.h: No such file or directory]
858010 Display error in TB 22 using personas
794575 Tag button in header toolbar not monochrome
852690 Remaining conversion to mailServices.js in /mail/ and /mailnews/
850389 Move XPIDL variables to files
472865 umask for emails saved as a file are not respecting system umask
857575 Various UI complaints about the threadpane's header. ;)
459474 Cannot open some PDF attachments
737519 attachment1_body of nsProxySendRunnable will not be non-null terminated string.
660211 There is no way to save a custom message list column layout (as standard for new folders) nor apply …
860406 When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar
831993 convert nsISupportsArray m_serversToGetNewMailFor variable from nsPop3IncomingServer.cpp to somethin…
845819 Overlay grain.png on the Folder Pane
599036 Feeds that should open in a new window opens in a new tab.
864256 Build failure in nsMsgStatusFeedback.cpp: "error: 'class nsIXULBrowserWindow' has no member named 'S…
640371 Local Inbox folder allowed to grow past 4GB by mail download
856451 Make the New Mail alert show time easy adjustable
852869 Remove some redundant files in comm-central
856456 Prompts to save unmodified message forward draft (commit in bug 762594 not complete fix)
810763 create test file to check proper handling/rejection of certain values input into the Account manager
853135 The Attachments menu belongs under the Message menu (port seamonkey bug 352696)
855057 handle account name that is a substring of another one properly in the activity manager
845187 JavaScript interpreter encounters an uninitialized memory from XPCOM interface (thunderbird)
523796 Eml file content change sending it as an attached file (if there is no [CRLF] at end of .eml file, T…
838805 remove some small occurrences of nsISupportsArray in mailnews
859287 After the toolbar customization dialog is used, the "Get Mail" pull down does not display full width…
853531 Use a nicer icon for the new "New Mail" notification.
813725 Top of RSS item viewing window frozen
856478 remove nsISupportsArray from mailnews/extensions/mailviews/src/nsMsgMailViewList.cpp
595104 Support plural forms in where possible
856304 remove some obsolete constructs in /mailnews
832034 support non-IMAP async folder create types in processNextBatch of mailWindowOverlay.js
847259 (Linux) drag and drop rss feed link from browser to folderpane does nothing
860966 Compile failure in msgMapiImp.cpp with Visual Studio 2012
868393 Require alphabetical order when assigning to order-independent variables
861867 Add new Toolbar Icons for Thunderbird.
857647 Don't show balloon notification on new mail if tray icon is disabled
68784 when sending mail, should first check "no recipient", then "no subject" (it's currently the other wa…
869425 Move MODULE to in comm-central
810675 do not needlessly preprocess some mail/ files
694196 crash [@ MsgGetHeadersFromKeys(nsIMsgDatabase*, nsTArray<unsigned int, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator> con…
868848 Build failure: [xul.dll: fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals] [DXVA2Manager.obj: error LNK20…
825012 Expose methods to insert/remove indices in the m_keys array in msgDBView
465731 Don't include toolbar.css in application chrome
851899 fix some compiler warnings in mailnews/imap/src/nsImap*.cpp
856432 Modernize the New Mail alert appearance
745919 TB 11.0.forwarding plain-text (non-MIME) emails creates empty "Attached Message Part" even when forw…
864192 Move EXPORTS to in comm-central
866498 Radio groups for switching {View > Feed Message Body As > Original HTML|Simple HTML|Plain Text} are …
837643 crash in nsMsgDatabase::ClearHdrCache
869445 Configure without mozconfigs broken
854536 Remove GRE_MODULE from's (port bug 852534 and of bug 817076)
837409 crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddMoveResultPseudoKey(unsigned int)], [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddMoveResult…
869449 Kill off DIR_INSTALL
855754 Pass current nsIURI to PGP/MIME proxy object
851275 show size on disk for newsgroup folders
846540 Emasculate comm-central/
875472 Version 22b1 - Close/Minimize functions top right are disabled/masked when non-standard themes are u…
308690 No confirmation prompt when force-deleting messages with SHIFT+DEL (currently no protection against …
870307 Remove some redundant nsVoidArray includes and member variable
734550 test_mailGlue_distribution.js: Services.prefs.getPref() does not exist
846551 The unread count on the chat toolbar button is ugly and unreadable on a Mac retina screen
877132 System integration dialog broken - Components.classes[";1"] reference…
507103 Composition's "Save" button remembers last "Save as" choice (draft, template, or file), but no indic…
830177 Typographic fix in Account Provisioner labels
679908 probing.png is missing
876710 When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar (Address book & Compose windows…
507622 remove some usage of obsolete dialogOverlay.xul in mailnews/
248808 Search/filter/mailview: "date", "is after" includes messages on date
872041 Mailing List does not work when entered in address box
866412 Build failure: cannot convert from 'already_AddRefed<T>' to 'nsIAtom *'
856914 Add a mail services C++ helper
869359 Move XPCSHELL_TESTS to as XPCSHELL_TESTS_MANIFESTS in comm-central
859120 Unprefix the last -moz-linear-gradient in mail/themes
431217 Send button should be disabled until we have a recipient
807699 Sanitize dialog ("Clear Recent History") cleanup: unused strings
859125 Clean up and
877616 Attempting to drag a window via the title bar with a Persona enabled doesn't work
863231 Send button not working properly after Bug 431217, when filling recipients via Contacts sidebar
831485 _virtualenv and mozilla/_virtualenv in each c-c objdir
856577 crash in nsMovemailService::GetNewMail
892419 Permanent Orange (Windows): TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-plugin-crashing.js | test_can_crash_plugin, …
516356 Tools > Activity manager does not bring existing activity mananger window in the foreground
892678 Port bug 763181 to TB | 23.0b1 fails to package if configured --with-system-nspr/--with-system-nss/-…
903946 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ../../../resources/logHelper.js | Error console says [stackFrame uncaught exc…
851467 Thunderbird 17.0.3 crashes when calling createSmtpServer after createAccount for new profile
878604 Convert search dialog folderpicker to newer binding, it's prettier -- and rdf free.
861454 Instant Messaging broken in Thunderbird 21 Beta, by an extension
389139 Thunderbird should NOT show the source account under "Inbox for different account" in the advanced s…
882964 Move CMMSRCS to in comm-central
814382 Can't change encoding for source view in TB17
876054 Stop using getPreventDefault() in convbrowser.xml
842073 Migrate toolkit.telemetry.prompted pref from bool to int to match Firefox.
882200 crash in nsLDAPOperation::GetMessageListener @ nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef
873754 Tweak Last-Modified date for new feed subscribe
883485 Allow deletion of news posts by default (with a prompt!)
872478 [trunk] Make package is failing because of missing files in package-manifest
741158 "Always load remote content from ..." fails to work with Thunderbird on OS X (Picks up contact from …
483505 Tooltips missing in folder pane when feed or mailbox name too wide
890204 When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar on the standalone message windo…
724522 Don't prompt twice when we can't save a draft message
913964 Don't show 'Ignore Thread', 'Ignore Subthread', and 'Watch Thread' menu items on non-mail, special t…
901678 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | POP3pump.js | [Exception... (NS_ERROR_FILE_UNRECOGNIZED_PAT…
881694 Namespace text fields are not properly cleared when opened for multiple accounts
883506 Use arrowpopup for editContactPanel
562227 When using the URL referenced the feed gets cut into two pieces making the feed invalid
877620 If there are no "Recent Closed tabs" disable the menu
876087 Remove use of getUserData and setUserData from about:support
235956 add number of unread messages next to (collapsed) account name
876347 Move to->Recent-><name of your recent folder> is empty
550794 View > Feed Message Body As: incorrect/unexpected re-arrangement of grouped pref menus in 'Summary' …
901514 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | log4moz.js | gloda.datastore ERROR got error in _asyncTrack…
891745 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/mozmill/content-tabs/test-plugin-crashing…
884801 In the contacts sidebar in compose window, the column titles of the found cards list are white
687428 RSS feeds fetching new messages when application is offline (e.g. at startup)
881221 Don't try to package MSVC dlls if WIN32_REDIST_DIR is not set, in Thunderbird
864838 Replace nsIBlocklistService with Services.jsm (port bug 856144)
861767 Use new nsIMsgIncomingServer.protocolInfo attribute where useful
495946 thunderbird show threaded, sort by date - randomly sorts the dates
879435 my vCard forgets values (preferred email format and jabber id)
883532 convert uses of nsIDocShellHistory in comm-central
904162 Permanent Orange (windows): TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_partsOnDemand.js | test_attachment_size.js |…
780110 Trash folder not automatically created with new Feed account, only on restart; this causes folder de…
880464 Setting up an RSS account first should not make it the default account
881235 Add actors and initial UI for remote debugging
888660 MOZ_MOVEMAIL ifdef not working for account central page
878933 in Thunderbird message list context menu, show "Open message in new Tab" above "Open message in new …
399446 Newsgroup: should not be displayed if there is no newsgroup account
866903 Investigate removing calendar/sunbird/
884824 Move EXTRA_JS_MODULES to in c-c
722265 Column header selection popup no longer exposed to accessibility APIs
508250 Provide "Forward as" options as dropdown button menu entries (dualbutton / menu-button for forwardin…
686427 Remove trailing spaces from mail header string entities and adjust the padding to compensate.
870236 Consolidate return value behaviour of nsMsgSearchTerm::Match* functions
884287 Menu bar has too much space left on it's right side
786487 Potential crash while folder compaction
892255 Remove "Revocation Lists" button from Advanced > Certificates options
873872 Feed messages with image attachments and Display Inline set should show the remote image
871266 properly close customize dialog in test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu (TEST-UNEXPECT…
174437 Priority levels in Filter search popup should be ordered Highest to Lowest
724326 [OpenSearch]: Fix unnecessary and unlocalizable "Search the web" string
877671 crash in nsEventListenerManager::RemoveEventListener
839272 Re-enable WebRTC when bug 837618 is fixed
474730 should search newest first - searching returns messages in bad order, making searches very time-cons…
893548 Print dialogue from main 3pane disappears immediately into background (hidden behind main window as …
867437 Remove calls to nsIX509Cert.verifyForUsage in mailnews
839279 Code cleanup in /editor/: Use new String methods like startsWith, endsWith, contains and use querySe…
901959 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_index_messages_imap_offline.js | test_index_messages_i…
882963 Move EXTRA_COMPONENTS to in comm-central
874101 Add entries to .hgignore
727414 Busy cursor in thread and folderpane while reading news (ui.use_activity_cursor = true)
349049 subscribe to feed cancel confirmation dialog (sheet) comes up after parent window closed
812923 Dragging a huge number of messages onto a folder freezes TB even BEFORE dropping
858238 should use string based identifiers rather than numbers
863617 Fix leftovers from switch to Services.jsm and mailServices.js
529131 Can't create / add rss or newsserver accounts from account central
902934 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_attachment_size.js | logHelper.js | Error console says…
855687 Perma orange on Linux debug: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-account-settings-infrastructure.js::test_ac…
891372 RSS feed does not get latest posts
870282 Searching by "Priority" is missing an "Isn't" operator
889484 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed (content-…
874896 New TB Toolbar icon polish
889745 Frequent Random Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-plugin-outdated.js | test_outdated_plugin_notifi…
437139 Change default reply positioning to "above the quote" for new mail accounts
897685 Double-click opens properties dialog
187798 Recipient column in Drafts (and Template) folder contains Sender for message with no recipient
97943 Sent Folder in "root" recreated even if Sent Folder moved
889752 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-recent-menu.js | test_move_message, test_delete_messag…
888218 clickable links in Help | About not shown in highlighted text for Daily and Earlybird.
883311 Add Tab List implementation for the remote debugger
871326 archive settings made for identities are not saved
901537 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_viewWrapper_virtualFolderCustomTerm.js | NS_BASE_STREA…
875675 prefs.js entry of mail.account.accountX.identities and mail.account.accountX.server is not removed b…
870565 Run all the files in comm-central from mozilla-central's config.status
901543 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_imapAutoSync.js | 2 == 1
901544 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_partsOnDemand.js/test_attachment_size.js | logHelper.j…
828587 [Exception... "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "alert"' when calling method: [ns…
893100 Add Windows 8.1 support to thunderbird.exe.manifest
883629 remove test pilot from thunderbird
163869 unsubscribe alert is showing wrong newsserver if newsserver has been changed
874929 Adjust feed subscribe dialog css for recent folderpicker menulist changes
890546 Using lightweight themes causes the tab bar to move down 16px.
254132 Can't add feeds when offline or Network down
616222 crash [@ nsMsgAttachmentHandler::GetMimeDeliveryState(nsIMsgSend**)]
886454 Update check says "up to date" for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions - Port bug 843497…
810680 add proper port number checking into the Account manager where missing
881588 message header is read-only when compose window is reused
539837 Synchronize icons for RSS folders between folder list and feed subscriptions window
876222 Remove the separator indentation in viewPickerPopup
783886 crash in nsParseMailMessageState::GetAggregateHeader
530626 Implement Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut for "Find and Replace" on Windows (as in other Windows applicatio…
765637 Selecting multiple tags in quickfilter/view-button-menu should allow AND-operation
900552 HTML code injection by renaming attached file
881222 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-attachment-reminder.js::test_attachment_reminder_appea…
885740 Account central 2x icons for mac layout
876497 Add 'Show an alert' checkbox to OSX Preferences
880595 Recent changes making spell check more async (Bug 856270) broke spell check in Thunderbird
869966 Enable Thunderbird building with the Windows 8 SDK
594646 If order of http-equiv and content in <meta> is reversed(<meta content="...;charset=..." http-equiv=…
883527 Don't store empty message for empty feed <item>
873177 Fix typo that regresses getCellProperties result
857678 crash in nsMsgDatabase::RowCellColumnToCollationKey
832760 NNTP: It fails to save (autosave) a new message while editing the newsgroup-header
902370 Renaming IMAP folder using non-ASCII characters like Japanese creates .msf and .sbd (and so on) file…
898683 Context menu for .eml files is broken
881361 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-retest-config.js::test_re_test_config
846312 Twitter OpenSearch appears to be busted
869609 mail: Virtualenv failing on multi-arch Debian-based distros
903402 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_index_junk_imap_offline.js | uncaught exception: 21475…
425451 message compose window defaults to four lines for recipients, wasting screen real estate/vertical sp…
876268 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | c:\talos-slave\test\build\mozmill\tabmail\test-tabmail-cust…
861933 Adjust the viewPicker and locationFolders appearance with bug 814041 and bug 853431 in toolkit
884819 Move EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS to in c-c
882502 remove unused knowsSearchNntpExtension and allowsPosting attributes from nsIMsgFolder
876790 Use published date instead of updated
882424 crash in SignedStatusRunnable::SignedStatusRunnable @ nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef
887763 "When opening Feed Messages" not working in AppMenu
864254 disable some more options in preferences dialog according to the state of options they are dependent…
179033 Enable ignore /kill / watch for mail (and mail filters)