Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
864256 Build failure in nsMsgStatusFeedback.cpp: "error: 'class nsIXULBrowserWindow' has no member named 'S…
640371 Local Inbox folder allowed to grow past 4GB by mail download
856451 Make the New Mail alert show time easy adjustable
852869 Remove some redundant files in comm-central
856456 Prompts to save unmodified message forward draft (commit in bug 762594 not complete fix)
810763 create test file to check proper handling/rejection of certain values input into the Account manager
853135 The Attachments menu belongs under the Message menu (port seamonkey bug 352696)
855057 handle account name that is a substring of another one properly in the activity manager
845187 JavaScript interpreter encounters an uninitialized memory from XPCOM interface (thunderbird)
523796 Eml file content change sending it as an attached file (if there is no [CRLF] at end of .eml file, T…
838805 remove some small occurrences of nsISupportsArray in mailnews
859287 After the toolbar customization dialog is used, the "Get Mail" pull down does not display full width…
853531 Use a nicer icon for the new "New Mail" notification.
813725 Top of RSS item viewing window frozen
856478 remove nsISupportsArray from mailnews/extensions/mailviews/src/nsMsgMailViewList.cpp
595104 Support plural forms in where possible
856304 remove some obsolete constructs in /mailnews
832034 support non-IMAP async folder create types in processNextBatch of mailWindowOverlay.js
847259 (Linux) drag and drop rss feed link from browser to folderpane does nothing
860966 Compile failure in msgMapiImp.cpp with Visual Studio 2012
868393 Require alphabetical order when assigning to order-independent variables
861867 Add new Toolbar Icons for Thunderbird.
857647 Don't show balloon notification on new mail if tray icon is disabled
68784 when sending mail, should first check "no recipient", then "no subject" (it's currently the other wa…
869425 Move MODULE to in comm-central
810675 do not needlessly preprocess some mail/ files
694196 crash [@ MsgGetHeadersFromKeys(nsIMsgDatabase*, nsTArray<unsigned int, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator> con…
868848 Build failure: [xul.dll: fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals] [DXVA2Manager.obj: error LNK20…
825012 Expose methods to insert/remove indices in the m_keys array in msgDBView
465731 Don't include toolbar.css in application chrome
851899 fix some compiler warnings in mailnews/imap/src/nsImap*.cpp
856432 Modernize the New Mail alert appearance
745919 TB 11.0.forwarding plain-text (non-MIME) emails creates empty "Attached Message Part" even when forw…
864192 Move EXPORTS to in comm-central
866498 Radio groups for switching {View > Feed Message Body As > Original HTML|Simple HTML|Plain Text} are …
837643 crash in nsMsgDatabase::ClearHdrCache
869445 Configure without mozconfigs broken
854536 Remove GRE_MODULE from's (port bug 852534 and of bug 817076)
837409 crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddMoveResultPseudoKey(unsigned int)], [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddMoveResult…
869449 Kill off DIR_INSTALL
855754 Pass current nsIURI to PGP/MIME proxy object
851275 show size on disk for newsgroup folders
846540 Emasculate comm-central/
875472 Version 22b1 - Close/Minimize functions top right are disabled/masked when non-standard themes are u…
308690 No confirmation prompt when force-deleting messages with SHIFT+DEL (currently no protection against …
870307 Remove some redundant nsVoidArray includes and member variable
734550 test_mailGlue_distribution.js: Services.prefs.getPref() does not exist
846551 The unread count on the chat toolbar button is ugly and unreadable on a Mac retina screen
877132 System integration dialog broken - Components.classes[";1"] reference…
507103 Composition's "Save" button remembers last "Save as" choice (draft, template, or file), but no indic…
830177 Typographic fix in Account Provisioner labels
679908 probing.png is missing
876710 When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar (Address book & Compose windows…
507622 remove some usage of obsolete dialogOverlay.xul in mailnews/
248808 Search/filter/mailview: "date", "is after" includes messages on date
872041 Mailing List does not work when entered in address box
866412 Build failure: cannot convert from 'already_AddRefed<T>' to 'nsIAtom *'
856914 Add a mail services C++ helper
869359 Move XPCSHELL_TESTS to as XPCSHELL_TESTS_MANIFESTS in comm-central
859120 Unprefix the last -moz-linear-gradient in mail/themes
431217 Send button should be disabled until we have a recipient
807699 Sanitize dialog ("Clear Recent History") cleanup: unused strings
859125 Clean up and
877616 Attempting to drag a window via the title bar with a Persona enabled doesn't work
863231 Send button not working properly after Bug 431217, when filling recipients via Contacts sidebar