Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
327812 No server name validation (checking) for POP3/IMAP/News/LDAP server, whereas enabled for SMTP
821253 Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsIMsgFilter::getSortedActionList
808172 convert Mutation Events to use MutationObserver in mail/
824459 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 807678 (error: no matching function for call to ‘nsIDNSRecord:…
808974 Make the "Recent" submenu of folder picker also inherit the class of the parent menu.
795152 Switch to Services.jsm: What's left
842008 unable to delete saved search
545859 Signature is misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and…
825236 test fails on comm-central due to removal of mozconfig.leopard from mozilla-centr…
823449 Fix 'Services.appshell', should be 'Services.appShell' (documentation was wrong)
814987 Clicking at the top edge of screen should select the tab when Thunderbird is maximized
820377 Port bug 819940 - remove EnumerateForwards/Backwards on nsISupportsArray
821914 Unable to post or save a draft to Newsgroups
813295 Fix entity names for keyboard shortcuts for compose window font size changes after bug 738194
794909 Switch to Services.jsm: compose code
821408 Remove a couple of uses of nsISupportsArray.ElementAt
844432 Give Edit buttons a hover state
822822 fix "warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]" in nsMail…
767655 New messages arrive sound file browser wont select ogg files
521384 Cannot set font size to 8 from Options-->tab Display (but Advanced window work)
822316 Fix clang error with double > in nsMsgAccountManager.h
818250 Possible crash with null m_identity in nsMsgCompose::ConvertAndLoadComposeWindow
615856 crash sending message [@ nsMsgBuildMessageByName]
813299 move the '#filter substitution' line in *.xul files below the <?xml?> header
814391 Permanent Orange: test_cspreports.js hangs for Thunderbird after bug 802905 landed (buildbot.slave.c…
815220 Icons are missing in folder picker in main toolbar
532567 Update details open in a message window as editable HTML
734034 invisible directories still used by thunderbird junk mail management (after deferring an account the…
807101 fix logic in am-prefs.js::onCheckItem of disabling elements when the corresponding pref is locked an…
835002 Add back Growl support for TB19/20/21 and SM 2.16/2.17/2.18
805185 updated 17 = WIN 7 problems--opens double windows. (Regression by bug 755793. Once Tb is terminated…
814219 nsMovemailService doesn't build with external linkage anymore
563908 Investigate why test-columns.js test_apply_to_folder_no_children and test_apply_to_folder_and_childr…
819271 test_formatFileSize.js fails on systems that use a decimal separator different from "."
809418 Use nsMsgFolderFlags::SpecialUse constant instead of enumerating all the individual values at variou…
525900 Wrong plural form for unread when selecting multiple messages
799821 Folders misbehave when LSUB does not return mailbox flags
795983 Chrome file doesn't exist: [...]/chrome/messenger/skin/classic/messenger/messages/Variants/Normal.cs…
824266 Crash in account manager when account has invalid server @ nsMsgAccountManager::GetIdentitiesForServ…
820306 chrome://messenger/skin/messenger.css uses invalid 'auto' value for padding-bottom property
807848 Account Mailbox does not appear in Folder Pane unless 'toolkit.telemetry.prompted' set to 'True'
795989 cleanup of folderpane icons
812630 When hovering over the Menu Button, hover text is: "Displays the Application Menu"
802135 Replace nsresult equality tests with macros
823009 Attachment Reminders not triggering due to removal of nsIMutationObserverCallback (Permanent Orange …
840954 Add mozbase to the list of packaged directories for Thunderbird's tests
817502 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | multiple-identities/test-display-names.js | test_no_header_…
832679 AppMenu: Menu checkmarks indicating if {Folder pane} or {Message Pane} are shown or hidden work the …
818657 Fix build failures due to prmem include removals
823526 Empty newsgroups list when trying to subscribe to a newsgroup
824296 fix some signed/unsigned comparison problems and compile warnings in nsMsgFilterList.cpp
127399 Allow sending emails with IDN based email addresses
815340 Fix some more nullptr abuse in comm-central
816749 Port UA changes from bug 591537/bug 815743 to comm-central
817390 make click_account_tree_row() in test-account-manager-helpers.js check sanity of its arguments
821743 Remove nsISupportsArray actionList attribute in nsIMsgFilter
824424 Comm-central build on OS X 10.7 busted due to parent m-c changesets
822131 Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsIMsgFilterService::applyFiltersToFolders and nsMsgFilterAfterTh…
821236 Remove some unused functions that use nsISupportsArray and replace some instances of nsISupportsArra…
493544 invalid decoding of multiline utf-8 subject header (better to be tolerant with split of byte code at…
772342 Unprefix CSS3 transforms, Transition properties, Animation etc in Comm-Central.
822263 Change nsAbView.cpp to use DebugOnly.h instead of Util.h
811770 Use a different wordmark and possibly other branding changes for Thunderbird 17 ESR
825853 Port bug 818394 - Universal symlink not created correctly