Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version. Bugs fixed in Firefox can be found here.

Bug ID Summary
794880 [Mac] The icon of the "Add Contact" and "Join Chat" toolbar buttons disappear when they are clicked …
792046 Improve the error message when failing to connect an XMPP/IRC account because of a broken certificat…
773124 Should unify the mock for Windows Registry in mailnews/import/unit/test/.
765958 xpcshell tests for IMAP should clean up with asyncTestUtils.js and IMAPpump.js
773127 Need SettingsImportHelper something like AbImportHelper.
596234 Body of RSS feeds won't print or print preview
797452 Intermittent build/macosx/universal/unify failure: "copyIfIdentical: files differ"
778114 chat sound not playing if mail notification sound disabled
787982 Add a wrapper at build/pymake/ that pulls in mozilla-central if necessary
760079 Attachment box should be wider
799504 Long retweets are cut off after 140 characters
741336 Provide UI to easily clear cookies from the menus
787475 Prevent threadpane selection/messagepane content mismatches on folder/tab switches
755988 Mail Account Setup doesn't detect service on smtps (465)
774167 Personas make close/minimise/maximise buttons look strange on Windows
773145 The return value of GetValueForTag should be checked otherwise incorrect data will be imported
753690 Unhandled IRC messages from WHOIS: 378, 307 and 671
783899 Thunderbird doesn't launch maximized, not full height, empty space at bottom
785692 Implement the AppButton on toolbars of all tabs
746014 Some mozmill tests aren't being run currently
778528 Long [localized] string should break into more than one line for "don't mark as junk if in addressbo…
774064 Use const nsIAbDirectory and remove and set tooltiptext in msgHdrViewOverlay
758306 make the "Add new calendar" icon the same height of 24px as the other icons in the Account central p…
776227 Handle missing providers more gracefully
784676 Moving from a menu item to another in new menu button causes menu to stay open
707078 js crash when receiving a message (JSCompartment, js::gc::ScanShape)
743974 make layout of elements in the filter editor use the space available in the dialog more efficiently …
778791 GlodaDatastore not shut down properly when opening address book or composer from cmdline
772648 Don't try to pack crashreporter if it is disabled
802575 AppMenu button doesn't get added to Chat tab automatically
755754 Australis - quickfilter toolbar styling
788012 Build failure after bug 579517
781871 Tweak feeds last-modified logic to ensure downloads happen on subscription move/copy
792392 No special icon for secure connection in folder pane on linux
723888 crash SyncRunnable5<nsIImapMailFolderSink, nsIImapProtocol* ... typically working with folder subscr…
785716 Simplify the media query
600798 Implement unit tests for importing vcards and csv files into address book
795959 Typing "" as part of the username shouldn't be required when setting up a gtalk account
202036 Scroll a criteria list and a dark highlight appears (Filter Rules, Search Messages, Search Addresses…
790534 RSS does not work with some feed verified
773437 tabmail needs a "unregisterTabType" method
784705 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-autohide-menubar.js | test-autohide-menubar.js::test_a…
782658 Make make -C mailnews xpcshell-tests show failures nicely
782404 Unhide some skipped xpcshell-tests
780357 Port bug 776968, bug 774032, bug 780159, bug 776561, bug 778740 to comm-central
711750 Implement a fullscreen arrow for some windows in Thunderbird for 10.7 and above
806228 Fix login to XMPP servers that implement XMPP v1.0, don't support SASL, but advertise iq-auth suppor…
803724 [OS X] Text of some toolbar icons are not lined up
255050 When saving a draft, progress dialog box title first says "Sending messages" and then sometimes chan…
776523 Builds are oranging out on make check with "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | build file c…
803916 filterHeader.label label in filterListDialog no longer wraps after bug 450302
784975 New App Menu button hard to see on dark themes
525905 Attachment reminder keywords list opens wrong options tab
781650 gloda should allow search of mail folder types added by extensions
778324 remove the limit on number of actions in the filter editor
777303 JavaScript strict warning: chrome://messenger/content/tabmail.xml, line 1106: reference to undefined…
784729 Related to new App Button: After update, TB stops showing messages inside folders & message contents…
810330 Port Bio 1772 - IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks
770139 Status icon in message header and chat toolbar are different
799068 Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3
650170 Firefox-like Application Button/Menu for Thunderbird
787557 Thunderbird 15 inactive msg db close change prevents FolderLoaded events when folders are updated
791311 Dont disable the menubar for existing users
783457 about:support uses hostname instead of realhostname
747621 Apples Clang 4.0 gives a few -Wc++11-narrowing build errors
580455 Text of a selected message or folder isn't centered/aligned with its highlight bar
772712 Get back the test for Windows Live Mail settings importer
777063 Crash when sending mail, on window close @ nsChromeTreeOwner::SetTitle
768621 show the size of a mail folder on disk somewhere in the Thunderbird UI
727406 Port bug 645356 - Use pymake builtins
789053 Feed validator needs an encoded uri
793888 Separators in the message header pane toolbar are not visible, separator and space cannot be removed…
765556 Allow to disable gconf
761717 Right Indent button looks like the Left Indent button in the Compose window
787988 "Error: 0" reported when opening preference dialog (leftover debug statement?)
779130 Fix nsresult abuses in comm-central
776316 Update Mozmill's httpd.js to use network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server
788607 Add comm-central/build/pymake/ as a stub that runs GNU make
790912 Message shows wrong content (body text) after move to other folder
300930 Reply with template is not disabled when there exists no templates
764054 visually distinguish / separate menu bar and toolbar
781446 Port bug 774032 (bonus only), bug 763987, bug 742795 to comm-central
728385 [10.8] Include support for Mountain Lions "Notification Center" into Thunderbird
785081 JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/hiddenWindow.js, line 34: missing ] after element list
464524 List all tabs menupopup should use the favicons of the Tabs
769346 Poor performance of Move, Copy and Delete to Local Folders due to "one write request per a line of m…
785807 wrong icon of Previous Msg button in disabled state, after bug 650170
784533 Replace deprecated nsIScriptableUnescapeHTML in feeds
773782 LL_* macros are deprecated
772760 crash in nsMsgLocalMailFolder::EndMessage
778393 re-set CC, CXX on mdimporter
659355 Cannot open PDF attachment in some mails (Content-Type: =?windows-1252?q?application/pdf)
531397 switching Layout modes breaks feed content display entirely until restart
94789 Search/Filters UI: need error checking on Age in Days value (numeric only).
795296 Include the string that couldn't be parsed in XML parse errors of the XMPP stream
674742 Compacting a Mail folder can delete all copies of the folder in certain error conditions
807629 Appmenu stays open after menu item selection
571419 Tb3 issues read request for each one byte of msgFilterRules.dat
721316 Use Gmail IMAP Extension of X-GM-MSGID, X-GM-THRID, X-GM-LABELS in addition to XLIST
592710 Account manager permanently disables unrecognized extension-added account
780200 FillAttachmentListPopup() is fixed to ID attachmentMenuList
787640 XMPP: Account wizard and account settings window dimension too small, input fields cut off/cropped, …
787149 Change log tree to list the days that logs exist, and then show all logs for that day when selected
786606 Chat shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+C doesn't do anything - conflicts with keyboard shortcut for Lightning'…
774063 Use image instead of html:img in addressbook contacts
780976 linux external api builds broken (hidden symbol `MOZ_Z_inflate' isn't defined) since bug 763651
793265 Visual glitch on the left and right side of the Thunderbird tab bar on Aero
786358 Port bug 773641 to Thunderbird's WebSearch.
776630 Switch comm-central from using nsnull to nullptr.
777581 Use macros instead of text literal for transfer-encoding
785336 Remove --disable-auto-deps flags from Windows nightly builds
775865 Port |Bug 728229 - Allow to build with system python ply library| to comm-central
775866 Port |Bug 737006 - Use internal ply only if needed| to comm-central
360891 Account manager "read receipts" policy should link to global option.
750666 crash in nsPop3Sink::FindPartialMessages
776821 UnRegisterListener is unnecessary in mailnews/imap/src/nsImapMailFolder.cpp
536768 Storing junk filter settings broken for deferred email account if spamActionTargetAccount/spamAction…
797600 Thunderbird 13+ no longer show nntp error messages
805826 Change serviceURL to point to 25GB promotional page
802459 OOM crash if attaching too large file for filelink
761797 make the Preferences (options) menu item in Addressbook open the Composition panel and Addressing ta…
795078 Thunderbird does not see user online and can't receive message from a contact with a singe quote in …
783821 nsMsgAccount should use a pref branch instead of recomputing pref strings all over
707789 Use Services.prefs instead of preferences-service, in Mailnews Core test files
773840 External API build bustage from bug 145293
776402 Update usage of GetCodebasePrincipal to reflect changes to API
783571 thunderbird fails to build with cairo-qt
702165 crash [@ nsMsgQuickSearchDBView::OnSearchDone ] - .. - [@ nsMsgSearchSession::InterruptSearch] when …
779736 FormatFileSize fails for sizes >999.5 GB
773967 Windows external API build busted after bug 763651
764637 nsIMsgHeaderParser.parseHeadersWithArray should return error code if msg_parse_Header_addresses fail…
360926 Identity editor needs a confirmation dialog on 'Delete'
697125 Attachments: single attachment opens on single click, multiple attachments need double click
787654 Zune and Royale have wrong window color with draw in title bar
803811 --with-system-zlib version detection broken after bug 781446
755793 Allow for drawing in the window titlebar for Australis
771816 Create a pref to disable "Draw in titlebar"
647036 Allow attachment pane of a message to open non-collapsed by default
785078 The new menu button is useless on the mac
541934 Address book sort in reverse order with first click of column header
780783 firstMsgHdr in each xpcshell test should be removed
778664 make Mac OS X 10.6 the minimum system version
787186 Thunderbird clears news feed display window and list when refreshing feeds
777205 Should remove unused wrap length value in nsMsgAttachmentHandler::UrlExit
791542 [TB17 test] IM account troubleshooting information is erroneous
780473 optimize list rebuilding and filter update/movement operations in the filter list dialog
747770 Fails to list attachment such as Content-Type:application/pgp-keys, when no Content-Type:name=, no …
803835 Address Book import of CSV files messes up on quoted fields
786684 JS error (TypeError: match[1] is undefined) when parsing a JID without a node part.
806575 Maintenance Service label cut-off
450302 There is no "filter searching" (to find a filter)