Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version. Bugs fixed in Firefox can be found here.

Bug ID Summary
721925 compaction of local folders > 4GB can cause problems
735240 Filelink: Failures when account creation is cancelled
338955 Can't unsubscribe from RSS feed (due to unescaped urls).
716821 crash MimeHeaders_build_heads_list even if bug 624419 is landed
201750 news authentication: username and password are separate dialogs
734232 Make OpenSearch notify the user about who they're sending their search terms to.
728094 Splitter is very fat in wide view
728101 Global search box shrinks when selected
243767 Multiple Identities dialogue should have a Close instead of an OK button
746554 Dropbox and YouSendIt preference panes need margins next to used/unused storage counts
742459 Converting between storage service providers does not remove the old attachment URL
738367 Avoid undefined properties JS warnings caused by imIncomingServer.js
757825 Chat UI not correctly hidden on existing profiles
737348 Filelink notifification should display a 'What's this ?' link to a Filelink feature description
735301 IM in TB: Refocus chat tab does not update window caption; improve chat tab caption
728136 Port bug 528687 to comm-central
754780 If Tb 10 and Tb 11 is skipped, Gloda Scheme change is not correctly detected and gloda error is repo…
708702 Use defaultPrevented instead of the deprecated getPreventDefault() in front-end code
694371 [c-c] "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file:" : 4 "VC80" files. (WIN32_RED…
730213 Port |Bug 698381 - Node.cloneNode's deep parameter should be optional (default to true)| to comm-cen…
735335 Participant list of IRC channels isn't finished
735339 The 'Get mail' drop down shouldn't list IM accounts
735347 Prefing off the IM feature should also hide the "Chat" preference pane
737396 Remove the unnecessary and incorrect 'service,' at the start of cloud file category definitions
730236 "delete from server" filter option should be removed for IMAP accounts
731262 Compile warnings cleanup
568447 Fix nits discovered while porting Bug 151244 to SeaMonkey and make mdn work for non-standard header …
753797 YouSendIt password does not get cleared from password manager if it's no longer valid
714604 Use Services.prompt instead of gPromptService in MailNews Core
742538 Removing Filelink's from message body causes subsequent Filelink insertions to fail
235666 Next and Previous buttons should work on read messages
735380 Signature switching in plaintext compose doesn't work
740502 Opening a previous conversation causes character encoding error
90263 New account wizard uses "server name" and "hostname"
717976 Thunderbird getBrowserURL() may return (SeaMonkey) "chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul"
668869 port ffox work to lazily load libxul to speed up start-up perf and remove wrapper startup script
715938 Replace last 2 references to nsCRT::strlen(), in Imap code
735398 Tabs in Attachments pane in preferences dialog don't persist last used tab causing Permanent Orange …
723112 attachment reminder bar is too tall
734384 Trunk build fails, complaining with "nsMsgDBFolder.cpp:179:88: error: no matching function for call …
736434 Attempting to set a null username to an imIncomingServer error
738487 JS warning 'reference to undefined property server.spamSettings' after saving changes to settings of…
737466 The Twitter icon should be their bird logo rather than a "t".
730211 Drop Windows 2000 support in comm-central
750789 Hide YouSendIt graph / stats if they don't finish their API in time
748742 Drop ccache options from Mac debug mozconfigs and make the mac32 bit mozconfig work properly
747743 Mojibake in context menus on the chat conversation
739555 Having an IM account defined breaks changing the local directory for mail storage
746725 Give Filelink notification toggle and spinner a bit more bottom margin
736486 Next unread message over multiple accounts with a IM account set up doesn't work
551144 checking rss feeds has perf problem freezing Thunderbird UI and high hard drive usage
742638 Part and Quit messages get recoded however the character set is UTF-8
746737 Filelink URL insertion should not move the users selection point
722168 convert mailnews/extensions/offline-startup/js/offlineStartup.js to Services.jsm
748799 Extra link inserted into Filelink emails on receiver's end
670976 aFolder is undefined - in folderWidgets.xml
739585 chat - ugly focus rings going on in right pane
722187 convert mailnews/addrbook/ to Services.jsm and MailServices.js
730501 Import/Export feed buttons never enabled after bug 716706
739631 Filelink account management pane in preferences dialog needs styling polish for Windows XP
754993 Disable default Dropbox support from Filelink
735542 fetchCustomMsgAttribute causes logoff
739639 forwarding message puts cursor at end instead of beginning
736571 Forwarded mail is incorrectly presented in the plaintext editor.
525628 [Windows XP classic theme] Mouse hovering on "Other actions" button, resize message header height in…
739210 browserRequest.css not packaged for Windows Aero
742725 Filelink offer reappears after converting a large file back to a regular attachment
218439 Account manager should disallow setting local directory of multiple accounts to the same physical di…
747856 Add Win 64 bit mozconfigs and fix Mac universal mozconfigs
453979 nsIMsgIncomingServer isSecureServer attribute obsolete
741729 Visually identify conversations with pending and direct messages
739683 chat - selected items don't look as such on linux
186724 add checks to see if SetSpec() failed in various spots
186731 various cleanup in nsPop3Service.cpp ("pop service NewURI should rely on + concatenation" no longer …
727408 Remove nsIPrefBranch2 uses from comm-central
730483 Remove dropped prefixes from comm-central
723317 Update MinSupportedVer string for bug 668574
751679 Update AUS server for Thunderbird
517509 drag and drop rss feed link from browser to folderpane does nothing
740749 Starting a conversation with an IRC contact does not remove it from the online contacts list
745879 OAuth dialog url and secure icon not vertically aligned properly
737349 Filelink account set up should contain a link to the selected provider product description
723360 crash nsMsgAccountManager::removeListenerFromFolder
736155 Outgoing attachments management pane seems squeezed on OSX and Windows
684452 Memory leak in nsEmlxHelperUtils::AddEmlxMessageToStream
738726 Add more error checking to feeds to prevent restarts
728493 Add Lion window opening animation (zoom on creation) to Thunderbird
580017 Base64 encoded EML files in attachments can't be opened ("Empty attachments" by open, "Save As" does…
735668 Assertion failure / debug crash when linking to a YouSendIt or Dropbox account
727796 crash after getting new mail [@ nsMsgDBView::FetchKeywords(nsIMsgDBHdr*, nsACString_internal&) ]
719304 don't use nsICharsetAlias on mailnews
728521 Remove unused 'gIMAPService' const/var in (IMAP) tests
735701 Add Contact and Join Chat buttons should be disabled if no accounts are present
735702 The "Show Accounts" button doesn't have an icon
757209 update YSI urls for creating accounts and learning more
758237 Account Provisioner tab should close and respawn AP dialog if provider XML is corrupt or returns err…
740852 No IM icons in Customize window
244222 add MAPI ResolveName
736782 No (inactive) download link for 'download message headers only' to download the rest of the pop mess…
756239 YouSendIt password prompt focuses compose windows by default
647699 Make ::addMessage return an nsIMsgDBHdr on successful add.
736789 Forwarding mail as an attachment fails with "error attaching subject.eml" when sending or saving
650787 nsPlainTextSerializer: Avoid dependencies on the old HTML parser when converting HTML to plain text
721447 Remove support for pre-Windows 7 SDKs from comm-central
736819 statusMessage changes width when in editing mode.
731702 Ensure the feeds database is cleaned up on failed feeds subscriptions
758328 Port changes to allow automatic signing of Thunderbird builds
744004 filelink doesn't handle being offline correctly.
739912 Remove obsolete workaround pref editor.quotesPreformatted in TB
744010 YouSendIt management pane does not display used or remaining storage
737870 The "minutes of inactivity" text is cut in the Chat prefpane
650831 Virtual Folders are missing after unclean shutdown of Windows (Null virtualFolders.dat is generate i…
734803 remove GLIB checking on Windows since we switch to
735673 chat - right sidebar splitter is fat
718427 fat line in compose window
740956 Cancelling uploads to Dropbox or YouSendIt does not work, and is unavailable after first attempt
717407 add null-arg checks and cleanup in mailnews/mime/src
719456 Use PluralForm.jsm for feed import messages, to allow proper localization and translation
717429 Attachment file name which is generated from subject in message/rfc822 should be decoded in attachme…
748158 Strip trailing slashes from repository urls before passing them to (in
560772 Make use of mozilla::services for comm-central
727689 Clean up borders for attachment lists
339595 Saving message in local folder as .EML removes starting dot in all lines, and ignores line if single…
718480 Unable to save new message as file when subject is empty
301714 subscribe, unsubscribe and delete add extra '/' to mailbox name
737941 Sent emails containing a Filelink appear as containing a (fake) attachment
397975 Identity incorrectly picked based on matching domain without matching username
560793 Multiple (master) password prompts on startup when using news authentication - Hook up NNTP to msgAs…
746138 switch to production YSI server
737955 Filelink: deleting a Filelink Dropbox account should delete the corresponding credentials
738982 TB-IM: Style the Chat window system friendlier
437930 NNTP client forgets saved account name and password on first authentication failure
733867 Build failure with gcc-4.7.0rc1: "nsMsgFolderCompactor.cpp ... error: unable to find string literal …
748215 use v2 user info with YSI to get storage values
725898 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-plugin-crashing.js | test_crashed_plugin_notification_…
732880 Should cleanup test_smtpPasswordFailure[1|2|3].js
736035 Chat accounts sometimes disappear from the Account Settings dialog
606934 We don't register Thunderbird as the default .eml handler on linux
547543 news added twice and cannot be removed
530142 Account Settings copies "Reply-To Address" between accounts when selected
745188 Remove erroneous language parameters to XHTML headers
728810 Port bug 553092 - Initialise the permissions manager only on startup
731889 variable event redeclares argument: let event = document.createEvent("Events");
732914 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_traits.js | money == lots
208628 Copies & Folders: Initialize Bcc field to the current address
737014 Plaintext signatures are not received properly due to lack of BR nodes.
722687 Restart message looks unstyled
731907 Canceling sending e-mail removes attached file from hard drive.
757513 Fix connection retry for Account Provisioner if initial attempt to get provider list fails
727818 reloading full group list every time
743181 Filelink account summary shows wrong calculation for total & free space
57115 file should contain correct HTML
731932 Change attachment events in the composer to be window-local
748322 Preffing of the chat feature doesn't disable the gloda IM integration
748323 Disable the chat feature in Thunderbird 13 beta
227633 Replace 0x0a by nsCRT::LF, 0x0d by nsCRT::CR
736040 When disabling Filelink, the "Convert To" attachmentitem context menuitem should be hidden
727851 Use getSpecialFolderString() in folderWidgets.xml._setCssSelectors
736049 L10n repacks broken with Instant Messaging landing
725810 Automatic Compact Folders Not Working
736055 Filelink URL insertions need some adjustments and tests
743224 TB-IM: conv-top-info unreadable with Ubuntu default theme
750691 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-cloudfile-backend-yousendit.js | test-cloudfile-backen…
746309 Filelink uploads started from the offer notification bar has broken interaction
267082 unable to manage subscriptions when folder is undeleted
716621 Folder label/caption/name with new messages are misaligned in folder pane (is nearer to or overlaps …
720724 "A week in the life of Thunderbird" launch live
758618 Account provionner: disable search button if no providers are listed
742238 Unified view loses some folders and does not allow reset
758626 account provisioner: cannot subscribe a new email address if there an account provisioner tab alread…
413548 null-arg checks in nsMsgThreadedDBView.cpp, nsMsgSendLater.cpp, nsSmtpUrl.cpp, nsImapIncomingServer.…
739181 Chat - The contact info header in the sidebar incorrectly gets a persona background.
748400 Filelink add account dialog's "Learn More" looks strange when no more accounts can be added.
472959 GUI leaves invalid junk settings when "spamActionTargetFolder" is moved FROM a deleted account
412553 ability to edit feed properties (title/URL)
747402 Thunderbird comm-central failing to compile
727951 removing expired news articles broken
550800 "Summary" pref is overridden in multifeed folders
746307 FileLink prefs gets a empty space on the right if Lightning is installed
413590 Remaining null-arg checks in TB
750491 Some of the in-tree mozconfigs are missing --skip-comm
726942 Drop redundant general.useragent.extra.thunderbird preference
716706 Fix and enhance the feed Subscriptions dialog.
532391 Check for new messages every x minutes could be set to 0 without checkbox disabled
235432 Mailnews/Thunderbird leaves unused nsqmail.tmp (nsqmail-*.tmp, nsemail.eml) files in temporary folde…
755632 Missing source-upload, hg-bundle and l10n-check targets
758707 Account Provisioner checkboxes should be disabled while search in progress
738234 Account provisioner success window blocks compose window password prompt
714570 Forward feed article not include the full text but the URL only
589759 Wait 5 minutes without entering password, Thunderbird stops responding/hangs if pop connection was c…
738241 Filelink account setup providers menulist should contain their respective icons
738243 Filelink account setup dialog fro YouSendIt is not nicely aligned
723908 Dark toolbars use wrong text colour on Linux
371653 crash in [@ nsMsgAccountManager::GetIncomingServer] when getPrefService has not been called
733128 Consider porting wallpaper fix for bug 545015 |configure sometimes fails with "rm: cannot lstat `con…
739279 Polish required in Filelink account setup dialog
735206 URLs for chained cloudfile uploads are wrong, causing permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-…
722920 Need a utility function to copy message(s) in file into local inbox
757823 Make Account Provisioner order-form content tab handle and display links
545771 Double accesskey 'n' for 'Unsubscribe' and 'Preferences' for newsgroups [linux]
714733 Instant messaging in Thunderbird
314351 Reply to .EML or message/rfc822: problems with MIME-encoded Subject
735217 Status icons styled incorrectly
735219 Cannot login to twitter with Instant messaging
738299 Need notification bar when Filelink upload begins