Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version. Bugs fixed in Firefox can be found here.

Bug ID Summary
734507 Provide gloda soft schema bump to recover DB badness from bug 723372 which manifested as i…
738052 Noise in the error console due to broken CSS when opening the preference window (in Test pilot)
711173 Fix for UI freeze on feed biff/get new messages; renovate newsblog.js for fun.
723138 Language packs should work for all releases of a branch, maxVersion should use * for compatibility r…
734688 OpenSearch broke session history for content tabs
718860 Use the "dummy" smart reply button in the message header customization dialog
529933 [Mac] "File" toolbar button shows old folder after bug 491294
711085 Attachment tests are never run as part of mozmilltests.list, and are broken
715793 Port |Bug #715048| to Comm-central.
515858 feed-subscriptions.js: remove/replace (commented out) call to removed GetFolderDatasource()
714265 Encoding not retained in GatherMimeAttachments
696347 Compact Folders throws error message cmd_compactFolder. TypeError: this._resetThreadPane is not a fu…
717402 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-about-support.js | test-about-support.js::*
670502 Opening account manager (account settings) from compose window fails
713767 Permanent orange | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_imapHighWater.js on win32 | 6 == 11
713768 Permanent orange | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_nsIMsgFolderListenerLocal.js | exception thrown from …
743467 Fetching new posts for feed account broken
745395 Replying to attached emails doesn't show the original message
695256 Switch from PRBool to bool and replace PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE with true/false in comm-central
714042 Stop trying to package MacOS/Contents/Plug-Ins/ since we haven't put anything in there since bug 520…
717883 nsNntpService::WeAreOffline is a redundant function
714556 Port |Bug 644801 - Remove Native uconv from the tree| to comm-central
717376 Port |Bug 715576 - libalerts_s.dylib incorrectly links the static version of spidermonkey (in static…
715488 Mostly-Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-attachment.js | test-attachment.js::test_attach…
491843 IPv6 address literal is not usable as server name
721249 Tab-bar buttons are slightly too small
731532 Fix issues in test pilot validation
633679 Quick filter button/menuitem shouldn't be invisible when disabled
746320 Redirect what's new page for Thunderbird 12
228949 marking as junk with "delete mail marked as junk" set will undelete deleted mail
716378 Port |Bug 655439 - Use $(LIBXUL_DIST)/bin/xpcshell instead of $(DIST)/bin/xpcshell| to comm-central
738907 Using red [x] button to close & save draft composition window unexpectedly terminates TB application
391004 "Open Browser with Message-ID" should be removed from References' and Message-IDs' context menu for …
716381 Port |Bug 673461 - ANGLE needs to stop automagically turning itself off in configure if the DirectX …
710494 [SeaMonkey] xpcshell: "Couldn't report telemetry" warning. ("test_corrupt_database.js | 3 == 2". And…
717225 Figure out why folderTree.json is getting corrupted, and improve stability during writing by transfe…
712035 Feed Subscribe dialog should respect user location preference.
728936 Drop jquery*.min.js from test pilot
733802 Various issues in webSearchProvider.js
715495 Inconsistency in styling of buttons in tabs-toolbar
561517 Exception setting up account
722798 test_offlinePlayback.js failing on windows tinderbox
719037 Most mail filtered into wrong folder (into the folder of the filter that matched the first message)
707443 missing accesskey for "Recently Closed tabs" menu item
737028 Re-enable pedantic builds on Linux 32 bit mozconfigs
713852 Fix strange tab appearance due to change in border-image behaviour
742013 Test pilot isn't being shipped on all channels
717182 Permanent orange on Windows | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_largeOfflineStore.js (NS_ERROR_FILE_NO_DEV…
730239 Account provisionner: String change
746371 keywords set by pop3 incoming filters aren't written into the berkeley mailbox
735108 Thick black border around tabs
526998 Implement F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming focused attachments when composing (on Windows and Unix)
61831 bloat / duplicated code: ConvertBufToPlainText() in nsMsgCompUtils.cpp and nsMessenger.cpp
713611 Thunderbird Daily starting from 20111225 messed-up some messages (showing their source in the previe…
720524 use PRInt32 for variable containing return value of FindChar in nsMsgDBFolder.cpp
685166 Port the work to enable mozconfigs to live in the source tree
298126 In Offline mode, message sent via MAPISendMail will not save the unsent mail in Outbox (Unsent Messa…
713873 crash in nsMsgDatabase::SetSummaryValid if feed db out of date
715922 pop3 move mail filters with quarantining turned off or download size limit get the resulting message…
738451 Permanent orange for release builds TB 12 & later: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-eml-subject.js
715924 pop3 move mail filters not truncating inbox correctly
596885 [UI] Move focus to newly created filter; select previous available filter after deletion
714390 Folder Location and Mail Views items are cut off in the customize toolbar dialog
714391 Text on disabled toolbar buttons in the menubar doesn't look disabled
736539 move/copying multiple local messages moved by incoming filters leads to corruption
721317 Port work to use Quirks mode on mac when hardware acceleration is enabled
593321 Opening saved .EML with empty subject has wrong window title
307629 When importing an OPML file that only contains feeds that are already subscribed then error message …
721071 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-eml-subject.js | test-eml-subject.js::test_eml_normal_…
564656 "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: (package…
718514 Sending emails to newsgroups makes me crash [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::WriteStartOfNewMessage]
730803 Don't ship unnecessary files with test pilot
717493 Port |Bug 717491 - "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/components/p…
717240 Remove incomplete add/edit image map code from editor
715961 Attachment events in compose window need to be tested
707517 Port |Bug 603574 - [Windows VC++] --disable-profile-guided-optimization is ignored| to comm-central
716224 Port bug 643167 and bug 707512 for better pymake support
346306 Instructions in account wizard not platform dependent
704707 don't need event target (thread) when running imap urls
518597 [Faceted Search] GLODA search results should contain matched message fragment
723910 Account Provisioner fails to close order form tab and report success
720328 Update LDAP c-sdk to LDAPCSDK_6_0_7D_RTM
715210 Remove some WINCE leftovers in comm-central
715212 Customize toolbar dialog buttons are strangely tall
717262 Test pilot notifications have broken / transparent UI in Thunderbird
713683 crash at mail startup [@ nsParseNewMailState::MoveIncorporatedMessage]
721365 Make AddMsgUrlToNavigateHistory scriptable
737751 crash in nsMsgComposeAndSend::ProcessMultipartRelated
402392 Support other message storage formats. (prelude to pluggable mail stores)
721369 Dialog "Add Security Exception" does not show when autoconfiguring TB10
380636 ldap addressbook book results are not sorted when autocompleting is in action
745950 autoconfig user name probing fails
705504 Ensure feeds are deleted cleanly and completely.
720354 Drop unused MSG_FASTER_URI_PARSING code
713958 msgOffset for copied local messages not set correctly
714983 avoid exceptions in file-utils.js when dismissing file picker dialog
741027 Downloading new emails from pop3 server rapidly slows down with each downloaded email when quarantin…
714536 Port |Bug 698630 - Remove --disable-smil build option and "#ifdef MOZ_SMIL" wrappers| to comm-centra…
707539 Port |Bug 639754 - Remove MOZ_IPC checks since IPC is always built now| to comm-central
732798 Make sure feed sync (bug 705504) is more robust and handles edge cases without UI loss
713974 function does not always return a value JS warnings in chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/
389650 "Unable to save your message as a draft" and "Assembling mail information" when replying to forward…
490749 File/New/Saved Search produces exception, if no account/no folder is selected at folder pane (Error:…