Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version. Bugs fixed in Firefox can be found here.

Bug ID Summary
680192 Port bug 617528 from Firefox and make html5 context menus work in Thunderbird (important for Convers…
193281 Ability to import/save e-mail messages from .eml text files to folders (Message|Copy)
426504 Add POPFile to "Trust junk mail headers set by" option
702475 delimiter, the third argument of nsTextAddress::ReadRecord and ReadRecordNumber, is not used at all
695309 Thunderbird sometimes marks entire newsgroups as unread (TB generates NNTP requests with bad formatt…
703503 Charset detection function should be moved into mailnews/base/util/
705553 Make mailnews/addrbook compile with frozen linkage on Windows
700947 Hide Test Pilot Feedback button on Aurora until works for Thunderbird
710831 Tab selector does not blend well with Gloda search pane or mail header
583197 Accessibility: Message window To,From,Subject titles very feint and hard to see (grey text on a grey…
715807 crash CMbxScanner::CleanUp
635938 Support more common ms-word extensions for the missing attachment query
720420 Context menu in Compose Window has non-functional and unrelated options
705573 Make mailnews compile with frozen linkage on debug Windows
711718 Mac64 builds failing during packaging
713407 Account provisioner does not find any possible email addresses unless the search text contains a spa…
650798 Contacts sidebar: Missing accelerator keys on context menu
707122 Fix packaging of msvc dlls (add support for 2011, remove others if necessary on upgrade)
649268 msgReadSMIMEOverlay.xul: 1 s/observes/command/
665142 mark read by date should use a filter enumerator
535103 Thunderbird does not (offer to) remember authenticated proxy password
700993 Chrome tabs broken after landing of bug 677421
488971 6 * |mailnews/base/test/TestMsgStripRE.cpp(102) : warning C4309: 'initializing' : truncation of cons…
697413 Usage of progress bar for visualizing imap quota is irritating - details window only
714337 quickfilter bar doesn't remember its icon button state
323144 "Trust junk mail headers set by" should support Bogofilter's "X-Bogosity" header
644169 Move tab selector above the mail toolbar, and give each tab its own toolbar (tabs on top for Thunder…
226890 Thunderbird doesn't handle news: and nntp: URLs properly (RFC 5538)
701005 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-header-toolbar.js | test_customize_header_toolbar_reor…
550478 Attached .eml - Other Actions --> View Source - only shows body.
723469 RSS feeds are not properly recognized [rss2 feeds with isPermaLink=false and no link url only]
696913 deadlock in nsImapProtocol::SendData if UI thread tries to check CanHandleUrl()
709717 Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API
697943 Random orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_offlineStoreLocking.js | 128 == false
701016 Remove hard-coded "Free" string, and add plural form support in Account Provisioner
635993 Attachment reminder doesn't recognize file names with matching file-type extensions
666202 import subscriptions and export subscriptions differ about opml extension
585308 change access key for account settings to S to match main pane
712285 (tabs on top) throbber very close to edge
555105 SMTP pref dialog should say Port Standard: 587 - not 25
606818 RSS Subscription stuck at "verifying the feed"
709737 Test Pilot notifications don't work
711787 Deadlock in nsImapProtocol::CanHandleUrl caused by calling nsISocketTransport::IsAlive off the socke…
729197 Make Quickfilter bar toggle work for glodaList tabs
636014 [autoconfig] Align labels and textfields on the existing account wizard
700536 Account provisioner polish, and x.browser bug in uriListener.js
712938 Polish tabs-on-top theme on Mac OS X
718812 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-install-xpi.js | timed out waiting for modal dialog
713919 Toolbar buttons dragged onto the stand-alone window menubar should have text-beside-icon
705660 OpenSearch tab looks weird with some Personas
469117 Multiple Proxy Authentication Required
709247 Fix to sync feeds database on folderpane moves
702086 Don't throw when version is null in specialTabs.splitVersion
696455 Port |Bug 680373 - Link jemalloc to mozutils instead of mozalloc on Android| to comm-central
723081 Near-perma-orange TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_index_messages_imap_offline.js | test_index_messages_i…
702094 Dragging attachments from the compose window doesn't work anymore
216209 request: renaming folders by pressing F2
709270 Test-pilot's More Info on Study tab links open wrong
710295 test_autoconfigFetchDisk.js is not fully disabled on SeaMonkey
707225 Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences
710813 Tools | Add-ons | Test Pilot Options popping up a very small non functional window
129183 Crash opening the address book after editing the history.mab file -TBTrunk [@ nsAddrDatabase::Update…
719008 Add toolbar to global search results tab, with gloda search box to refine existing faceted search or…
723105 crash CrashInJS | nsMsgIdentity::SetFullName | nsOutlookCompose::CreateIdentity
713380 Outlook invitation no longer presented as attachment (text/calender in multipart/alternative is not …
715565 two throbbers in main window
674473 Make MIME parts in a multipart/related context that are not referred to or cannot be displayed inlin…
695468 Upgrade to MozMill 1.5.6 for Thunderbird
726301 SummaryFrameManager logic is wrong
708274 Remove 2 deprecated PR_ABS() uses in MailNews Core
710838 Certain dark Personas make it hard to read the selected tab title
702137 genericPhotoHandler saves wrong photoname
690207 Skip IMAP folders on import from Outlook
708799 WSEnable.exe.manifest: manifest authoring error c1010001
694464 c-c port bug 464088 and bug 690369. (NSS_DISABLE_DBM)
716481 Spellcheck icon stays disabled if clicking on a mailto link with a subject parameter, or replying (a…
595654 MultiMessageSummary and ThreadSummary should ensure multimessageview.xhtml is loaded before proceedi…
712395 Folder pane randomly collapses on startup with TestPilot 1.3.4 and Tabs on top
715810 Bug 679476 causes crash in [@ mime_parse_stream_complete]
707792 Port bug 549561 to Thunderbird to speed up mailbloat tests
39121 Unspecialize Trash folder for IMAP "Mark as Deleted" & "Remove Immediately" modes
704722 Incorrect regexp in OpenSearch
710867 Make inactive tabs opaque under Aero
732372 Search fails - is undefined in gloda.js
713429 All message filters disappear
458454 Ability to customize vanilla Thunderbird with a group of settings (through distribution.ini)
670935 News crash [@ nsMsgKeySet::Output(char**) ] | [@ nsMsgNewsFolder::UpdateSummaryFromNNTPInfo ] and [@…
714456 navigation-toolbox light blue under Classic
708315 virtual search folder can't be deleted ("bundle is not defined" folderPane.js line: 2203)
688860 Cannot switch spell check language with multiple compose windows open
376546 Wishlist: Message Filters should have "Mark as unread" action
669925 Wrong "From" shown in message list when email address contains Unicode
701671 Entity messengerWindow.title seems not to be used in Thunderbird
687848 crash in TB when import email from outlook 2007 due to OOM
723178 Re-add performance metrics to AMO ping
706796 Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default
706797 Make AddonRepository.getAddonsByIDs() not send performance data
706798 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification
701679 Port |Bug 311007 - Add aFlags arg to onLocationChange(...), to distinguish between same-document and…
713457 Linux theme fixes
728309 Re-enable mail toolbar in message tab and Gloda search result list
677111 utf-7 encoded characters are not interpreted properly in TB 5.0.
702201 Clicking the "Delete" toolbar button with an attachment focused should delete the message, not the a…
723583 test pilot thunderbird 'all your user studies' shows each more than once
696572 Port |Bug 681588 - Cleanup wrap malloc and its use on Android| to comm-central
714495 Port Bug 713167 - |Microsoft.VC80.CRT SideBySide errors, browsercomps.dll| to comm
710912 Permanent orange on Linux: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-newmailaccount.js | test_can_pref_off_account…
707329 Folder panel has no content. JSON.parse: unexpected end of data Source File: chrome://messenger/cont…
701213 some mistakes in comment
712312 Troubleshooting Information broken due to missing aboutSupport.showWin.label string
652555 Search... on folder context menu should be Search Messages...
714510 Viewpickerlabel has a white background on normal toolbars
700175 Port Bug 697881 "XCode 4.2 no longer provides a gcc-4.2" to c-c
705808 TestPilot first-run tab shouldn't open for Thunderbird
730072 Quick Filter Toggle is gone (or doesn't move from tabbar toolbar) on upgrade to TB 11 with Enigmail …
689437 Drop support for migrating from old profiles (drop usages of libreg)
351109 Reply/Forward/Edit of .EML file corrupts image URL
711968 Buttons in Account Provisioner do not wrap long text
718640 Account Provisioner link to view providers in other languages is always displayed
687836 Bug-fixing pre-followup patch.
711980 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_mailtoURL.js | test_mime_attachments_size.js | test_at…
696621 Inadvertent global variable creation in mail/base/content/folderPane.js
713008 Tabs shouldn't flicker when hovered
690655 I cannot re-edit vCard using the previous values
704830 Missing file at run time: chrome/messenger/content/messenger/webSearch.js
728897 "Search All Messages" should be just "Search"
718486 Make Account Provisioner XML handler only request the XML once.
278341 [mozTXTToHTMLConv] A colon (:) after a URL in a message is recognized as part of the URL.
687430 Feeds of an account stopped automatically updating, checking manually works only for single feeds, n…
700745 Remove -fpascal-strings from mac build options from c-c
733517 Update Bing search
698702 Symbol packaging problem in Socorro symbol store
413521 add null-arg checks in nsMsgFilterService.cpp, nsMsgFolderCompactor.cpp, and nsMsgPrintEngine.cpp
706905 [build failed] LDAP C SDK with pymake on windows - ldap/sdks should update to changeset 2da94bd1028c
689742 Disable hardware acceleration in Thunderbird
713058 Polish tabs-on-top theme on Windows XP
713061 Polish the standalone window under Aero
518504 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX, in comm-central
516970 Attachment toolbar borders need a bit more styling on Windows
713071 Active tabs are bold, possibly a bit too much
712560 Ctrl+Tab doesn't cycle tabs anymore
704797 Port |Bug 650476 - Build --with-libxul-sdk is broken| to comm-central
708982 Provide listenable events for attachment operations in the compose window
704234 remove the update channel reference from the about page when updater is not available
728964 Crash [@ -[NativeMenuItemTarget menuItemHit:] ] when 'About Thunderbird' is clicked
700054 Emoticons not displayed in pull-down menu using GNOME desktop
705431 make sure a MIME part with content-disposition: attachment is displayed as an attachment nonetheless…
697740 "Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder" quits early with error gMessengerBundle is not defined chrome://m…
702349 On Mac the background of the individual test pilot studies is transparent
481682 Thunderbird Message Filters enabled with spacebar won't save enabled/disabled state on close of filt…
721506 Aero theme: Message summary toolbar looks crappy
723863 Standalone Message window toolbar doesn't show personas
707992 Upgrade to virtualenv 1.7 for mozmill tests
629487 crash [@ nsMsgDBView::RemoveRows]
709020 Remove unused "failedDuplicateAccount" string
687520 Add DSPAM to "Trust junk mail headers set by" Option
702881 The document of nsIImportAddressBooks::GetSampleData is ambiguous
712624 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-autohide-menubar.js | test_autohidden_menubar_3pane, t…
704436 "Get next N news messages" never works
714825 Attachment error for signatures containg callto:skypeid, tel:nbr type hrefs
706794 Add extensions.strictCompatibility pref to Thunderbird to make addons compatible-by-default
730043 Checked QFB button should better work with Personas
681647 Get rid of import code dependence on nsIEditor
698272 Long attachment file name screws up message reader UI for messages with single attachment
704451 Switching to unread filter hides all my email
731590 Update search engine list for Thunderbird
718792 Disable account provisioning for Thunderbird 10/11
707306 add null-arg checks in nsMsgFilter.cpp, nsMsgFilterList.cpp, nsMsgSearchAdapter.cpp
701261 Emails with attachment appears blank with no option to save attachment, and is shown as attachment b…
717264 Move Quick Filter Bar toggle button from tab toolbar to mail toolbar
561618 SMTP Protocol Failure
720341 Fix error downloading Test Pilot tests and fix the endless "Loading, please wait..." message
442838 Unfork <msgCompSecurityInfo.xul>
704984 Thunderbird Daily/Earlybird (11.0a1 20111122-20111122) Crashes or hangs in LDAP Address Book Search
702209 [testpilot] Disable feedback buttons in Tools -> Feedback menu for now
712159 Line between window title bar and toolbar in standalone window
708577 ldap/xpcom/src fails to build (gcc-4.6.1)
721378 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-toolbar.js | test-toolbar.js::test_new_toolbar_with_de…
714621 HTML/Rich text (copied from IE, Firefox, MSWord, etc.) is always pasted as plain text
728553 Better styling for checked QFB button on mail-toolbox under OS X
545780 mimeiimg.h: update comment about supported types
521209 Alt-S and alt-D access key twice in Options/Display
677882 Bug 486320 not fully functional with Lightning installed
705532 Remove typo'd ENVIRONMENT_MAC_OS_X_VERION_MIN_REQUIRED define from c-c