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The Mozilla Leadership Network

Connecting Leaders

The Mozilla Leadership Network is a global network of diverse leaders - from the young activist teaching web literacy to her community, to the executive leading a global organization - who will ensure the next wave of access, inclusion and opportunity online.

Leaders in this network will take action together to:

  • Shape and spread the open internet agenda;
  • Model ‘open’ values and practices in institutions, products and policies around the world.

How we work

The Mozilla Leadership Network accomplishes its work through thematic ‘hubs,’ communities of people with diverse expertise, who are helping others build the capacity to advance the open Internet in their field or topic of interest.

Our current hubs include:

  • Learning. Educators and librarians committed to transforming learning in our digital age.
  • Science. Researchers and data scientists committed to making research and practice more open.
  • Internet Policy & Advocacy. Individuals and organizations focused on advancing open Internet issues.
  • Women & Web Literacy. Community organizers and senior leaders creating opportunities for women and girls to develop web literacy skills.
  • Internet of Things. Hackers and designers creating provocative prototypes for what an open Internet of Things could and should be.

Our Initiatives

The Mozilla Leadership Network pursues our goals through five key initiatives, which are reflected in each hub:

  • Curricula & Training. We provide free and open curricula and training programs to help leaders develop the skills they need to ensure the next wave of access, inclusion and opportunity online. Example: Web Literacy Training Module
  • Partnerships. We initiate and grow partnerships that enable Mozilla, our community and our allies to maximize their impact. Example: Gigabit Community Fund
  • Convening. We bring members of the Mozilla Leadership Network together, to learn from one another, exchange ideas and join forces. Example: MozFest
  • Membership. Members join because they share Mozilla’s vision, and stay because of the strong, diverse community and unique professional development opportunities the network provides. Example: Fellowships

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