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Mozilla Advocacy

Rallying citizens to protect the open Internet

Mozilla’s advocacy engine works with allies to cultivate a global force of tens of millions of people, who are aware of the issues that are vital to the future of the open Internet and prepared to take action in support of the rights of citizens of the web.

We are dedicated to building a world where:

  • People are making more conscious choices to build and protect the open Internet
  • Companies and governments create products, policies and laws to support the open Internet because of public pressure to do so

How we work: A focus on depth and scale

Mozilla’s advocacy approach incorporates both scale to depth and depth to scale to properly address the diversity of issues that we work on.

This approach enables Mozilla to simultaneously build our capacity to mobilize millions of people quickly and grow our organizing power in local communities, which will make it possible to win on our issues in the long-term.

We also push ourselves to be proactive — setting the topic and tone of the conversation, and promoting solutions — as well as reactive to current events or undesirable policies when necessary.

Our initiatives

Mozilla’s Advocacy Engine consists of five key initiatives:

  • Campaigns. Our campaigns amplify the Mozilla community’s collective voice, in order to address the issues we believe must be tackled in the current era to build the open Internet we want. Example: Encrypt
  • Online. Naturally, the pulse of the movement to protect the open Internet lives on the web. We nurture a strong online community with a bias toward action, and drive mass digital mobilization behind our campaigns.
  • Media. We tell creative, compelling stories that bring the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the open Internet to life, and into the mainstream.
  • Field. We connect, support and amplify the work of technologists, policy wonks, artists and activists committed to helping shape and drive Mozilla’s campaigns.
  • Infrastructure and networks. The foundation that supports and drives our advocacy work, by bringing together awesome people, organizations and technology to fuel our campaigns and the wider movement. Example: Open Web Fellows

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